Heaters under kitchen cabs to combat condensation

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by dan ross, Jan 5, 2020.

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    Hello all! A late hi to you as I’ve just pulled myself back out from under some cabinets.

    fitted a new kitchen in to an 1890’s red brick and am having issues with condensation under the cupboards (surprise surprise) from two sources

    1 - cooker when running.
    2 - generally wall being cold under cabs and behind plinth with lack of circulation.

    The kitchen is too small to build a stud wall with insulation - hence there not being one. Is solid 9inch wall with thick plaster.

    Tomorrow I’m going to be cutting out the side plinth so there is more access for air to get in and circulate around the cabinets / is hidden from view so no issue) - hopefully stopping as much mould growing and damp settling.
    For some reason builder built out an old fireplace with plasterboard - and DIDN’T treat it / paint it with anything so the mould is thriving. I thought he’d skimmed it with plaster but hey - never mind. Will treat this then paint with anti mould or anti condensation (any tips appreciated)

    My thoughts then, are to pop one of these guys underneath oven and cabs set at 18 degrees to heat the wall / cabs above dew point for when the oven comes on / just in general through the winter to keep damp out of the carcasses (some feel a bit damp) and make sure everything stays dry as can be.


    Rated at 55w so with the thermostat is probably gonna be on 8 hours a day maybe. Shouldn’t cost too much.

    Smart idea or not? Just as I don’t have the funds to be pulling out and refitting things - and am 100 percent sure it’s a winter condensation issue.

    I already have an envirovent PIV system in my flat, and an extractor running constantly in the bathroom next to kitchen - so general airflow is fine through the flat too.

    Thanks for thoughts in advance!

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