Heating pump capacitor needs replacing or something else

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Knowsome, Nov 3, 2018.

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    Hi my daughters Grundfos TF110 circulator has blown its fuse. The CU is a fuse wired 1960 model. The pump was OK earlier today but blew its fuse later on when switching on via the room thermostat. The central heating boiler shares its own fuse which powers some lights in a utility room and the boiler "cupboard". I replaced the 5 amp fuse and it lasted 12 seconds before it blew. Some water had been getting in from a leaking valve. I tightened the valve and dried out any water I could see. I used a hot air gun to dry out the electrical connection box and replaced the fuse, to no avail. I am wondering whether the capacitor has failed?

    NB the house needs a replacement CU and I doubt that the boiler can provide enough heat in the future especially as she is thinking of extending the building to include loft rooms. The capacitor although old is not showing any signs of failure. It was warm to the touch - the upper part.

    I have posted this in Plumbers Talk as well.
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    I have never repaired a central heating pump, every time I tried in early years I found that much had worn out together replacing one part was pointless, as a result in latter years never bothered trying, would always replace complete pump. I would think to blow a 5 amp fuse that quickly there is a major fault.
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    Usually the motor windings have gone, or water in the electrics of the pump.
    I would replace it.

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