Heatslave 15/19 oil boiler - intermittent lockout issue

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    I am hoping someone can help.

    We are having issues with our boiler.

    When we are just using the boiler for hot water there are no lockout issues at all. However, when the heating is in use it the boiler will lockout around 30-60 minutes after the heating has come on (it can sometimes last longer than this). When I press the lockout button the boiler ignites immediately and there are no further issues until the heating is on again.

    It was serviced last week so it has had a professional's eyes on it. The problem was occurring before this so I mentioned it to him and he said it could be a number of things such as the coil or the pump. Now the pump is on its last legs as it is very loud and has been like that for around 2 years. Our service man said that it could last a week, a month or years and so far it has lasted years. Could that be causing any issues?

    Thanks very much in advance :)

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