Heavy load on weak breeze block

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by malcia, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. malcia

    malcia New Member

    I'm fixing heavy vertical radiators onto a weak strength breeze block - I'm concerned about the four (2 top 2 bottom) supports may pull away from and/or generally move - I'm using two inch no. 10 screws into raw plug - the drill went in far too easily and seems to have opened up some cavities in the breeze block - although the raw plug is sipported ok in thye xeternal plaster facing!

    Advice appreciated!
  2. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    Either use chemical fixings or fix battens across the wall first.
  3. CheshireBuilder

    CheshireBuilder New Member

    exactly what breeze blocks do you mean, do you mean therm blocks...
    you could use frame fixings or as said chemical fixings
  4. sputnik

    sputnik New Member

    a good size nails will stay in well is light blockwork and not pull out easily. its the comming away thats the problem the blockwork in compression is very strong even though it may not look it. if not if u preffer screws drill oversize hole fill will filler, cement or simular and push a wood dowl into hole and clean excess filler off then when set pre drill hole and screw in fixings.
  5. bigjules

    bigjules New Member

    That's a new one to me - nailing radiator brackets!!!
  6. CheshireBuilder

    CheshireBuilder New Member

    me too..
    just use long frame fixings or hammer fixings and it will be fine, you go in far enough and the block with support the fixing whether its brittle or not..
  7. malcia

    malcia New Member

    When you say chemical fixings - do you mean glue - something like 'stickslike...'?
    - I think I could inject this in the holes before inserting the rawplugs.

    I would have to recess battens in plaster (15mm to 20mm plaster) or else they would be unsightly - would this be sufficient added strength?

    Thanks all!
  8. malcia

    malcia New Member

    What are long frame and hammer fixings?
  9. CheshireBuilder

    CheshireBuilder New Member

    frame fixings - specially designed hex screws that fit directly into stone / bricks / blocks with no need for raw plugs or glues or anything just pre drill and they are incredibly strong and come in a variety of sizes - (I RECOMMEND)

    Hammer Fixings - Screws that come half into a raw plug, just pre drill then insert the raw plug and screw in the hole and then hammer it in - job done
  10. sinewave

    sinewave Screwfix Select

    Thermalites are useless for fixing to unless it's no more that a Calender!
  11. malcia

    malcia New Member

    I'm not sure whether frame fixings will fit through the radiator bracket holes without disassembling screw and plug! Also they appear to be mimimum 100mm which might take me into the cavity space.
  12. J4M35

    J4M35 New Member

    While we are on the topic of fixing radiators... how do you fix radiators to insulated 50mm plasterboard ? Will normal long screws and raw plugs do the job?
  13. trb

    trb New Member

    I have a similar situation, my home was built in 1959 and the internal walls are block construction.  I need to fix a cabinet weiging 24Kg to one of these walls, what can anyone recommend?

    Thanks in advance.
  14. Wether its thermalite or celcon, you should have no problems with standard brown plugs and screws.

    Use a masonry bit the next size down to recommended, dont use hammer as this will enlarge the hole.

    The plug needs to reach well into the block.

    For insulated boards use Readi-Drivers.

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