Heavyweight Boxing

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Heavyweight Boxing - Who is the best ?

  1. Tyson Fury

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  2. Anthony Joshua

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    KEEPGREEN Member

    Who do you think is the best ?
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  2. If the same version (or slightly better) of Tyson Fury turns up against AJ, then I see it being pretty one-sided in favour of Fury. I’ve never been much convinced about joshua’s ability and that was born out in the first fight with Ruiz. He may have bounced back impressively but the confidence will have still taken a hit. Contrast that with Fury confidence now. If there’s one attribute fury has never lacked it is self belief.
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  3. verynewtothis

    verynewtothis Member

    I think even Wilder would beat Joshua to be perfectly honest as lets face it, he ain't got a chin, he ain't much better at boxing either. Fury would annihilate him.

    Did you see the Nigerian gumshield Fury had in, he's already got the mind games going with Joshua, who probably won't deal too well with the mind games, let alone a boxing match.

    Long Live the Gypsy King!
  4. Plus AJ‘S got that high maintenance, Bruno-esque, energy-burning physique to carry. The looser limbed fury should be able pick him off at will in later rounds....

    ... should it go that far.
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  5. carl24bpool

    carl24bpool Active Member

    You cant jut rely on power to beat the likes of Fury, hes way too slippery.

    He just grinds his opponents into the ground with his weight and then picks them off in later rounds. True pro n his field and a gent too!
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  6. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Fury sure did up his game though for the rematch and was way more aggressive then his first clash with Wilder

    First round he literally sprinted out of his corner and started throwing (and more importantly, landing) blows

    Some of his previous fights he’s looked fairly lazy with his performance and relied on his height and weight advantage to beat his opponent

    This time he dominated every round and made Wilder look a shadow of his former self

    I’m only surprised Fury didn’t finish Wilder in the 6th as he spent the entire round up against the ropes and pushed into a corner

    Interesting character is Fury, a self propelled publicity machine who is very articulate whilst being slightly bonkers :)

    Will part 3 take place I wonder ?
  7. koolpc

    koolpc Super Member

    I hope part 3 doesnt take place as the only real fight left is Tyson vs AJ.
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  8. Donald Rhodes

    Donald Rhodes New Member

    antony joshua so much more talented than tyson and thats a fact!
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    KEEPGREEN Member

    But one can never underestimate the talented sleek Tyson Fury, he has proved me wrong twice already .

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