hello all spured fuse of existing ring to bathroom all electrics outside zones is it notifable

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new spured fuse off existing ring to bathroom all fittings outside zone is this notifable tar

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  1. gas monkey

    gas monkey Active Member

    :) hello all
    new spur taken from existing ring to bathroom all above zones is this notifiable tar
  2. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Well-Known Member

  3. spinlondon

    spinlondon Well-Known Member

  4. gas monkey

    gas monkey Active Member

    Hello Both
    very good of you to respond, I had some self doubt regarding this as it would seem the building regs have not been educated since last time I dealt with them
    Alway handy to have some support
  5. peter palmer

    peter palmer Well-Known Member

    Its all clearly listed in the part P document that only work inside the zones of a bathroom are notifiable to building control. Are you saying the council don't know the rules? Surely the person carrying out part P checks has read the part P document, surely.
  6. gas monkey

    gas monkey Active Member

    Hello Peter
    I did the work,told the council,they had a look, two years later when I finished told them after I paid the fee's and they told me I had to have a part p do the work:eek:
  7. gas monkey

    gas monkey Active Member

    Hello again Peter
    forgot to say I have the 17th and test and inspect and lecture on this been in the game 41yrs built a few houses etc
    But not part p
    However to keep building regs happy paid a part p to change the 16th split load cu existing to a new 17th amm 3 and test the entire house
    Any thoughts good sir:)
  8. Coloumb

    Coloumb Well-Known Member

    If you have the required qualifications then just pay the fee and issue your own cert. The council should accept that no problem and give you the building regs cert. Show them your C and G certs if they kick off.
  9. HappyHacker

    HappyHacker Active Member

    Ask our building control officer to provide the Part Pee regulation that requires notification for your work. I suspect he/she will have difficulty.
  10. peter palmer

    peter palmer Well-Known Member

    What people forget is ALL work has to be in accordance with part P and not just the notifiable stuff. So if you have fitted something in a bathroom that needs RCD protection but is outside the zones, a light or fan for example and you don't fit an RCD then it falls foul of both BS7671 and part P, you will get grief of the building inspector because he can't sign a completion notice until it complies with building regs.

    The only difference is if it was inside the zones then you would have to comply with the regs AND sign the job off or pay the building control their fee to sign it off for you and you can't do that if it doesn't comply anyway.

    I also understand that all building work has to be complete before the completion notice is issued by the council as well and I'm of the opinion that electrical work isn't complete until an installation or minor works certificate has been completed, whether the job is notifiable or not. So the building inspector shouldn't issue a completion until he's seen it, even if its just one new light.
  11. gas monkey

    gas monkey Active Member

    Hello all
    Sorry for the wait,Columb did this,sent my c and g for 7671 and parts of my test and inspect, test cert,he told me had to be installed by part P which is incorrect
    Happy Hacker,I know, so we will see
    Peter Palmer, on the 16th box was on the RCD side, new 17th box not an issue
    It is all complient with 17th and all this carry on was last year by the way
    When he did see it he was offerd access to everything but did not do this and just looked around
    hope this make sense
  12. gas monkey

    gas monkey Active Member

    Hello again all
    This is what he said

    Thank you for your recent correspondence. I am unable to accept the electrical certificate supplied due to the requirement that the installation must be carried out by a Part P competent person that is a member of either NIC EIC, Elecsa, NAPIT, Stroma.
  13. peter palmer

    peter palmer Well-Known Member

    I would imagine you need to send him the part P document as well, maybe with the relevant bit drawn round with a red crayon or something to make it a bit easier for him to understand.
  14. gas monkey

    gas monkey Active Member

    Hello Peter
  15. gas monkey

    gas monkey Active Member

    hello Peter sorry for the wait, yes will do thanks
  16. gas monkey

    gas monkey Active Member

    Hello all
    building regs out today signed off thanks to all

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