Help! - Advice urgently needed regarding tiling on top of cracking levelling compound

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by James987654321, Jan 31, 2024.

  1. James987654321

    James987654321 New Member

    Could I please get your urgent advice. We are fitting a new kitchen and I have a builder that has laid electric underfloor heating, and then a levelling compound on top, but I have now put them on hold because I am extremely nervous about fitting our expensive porcelain tiles (1m x 1m) and then our new kitchen on top of the compound, because it is moving underneath my feet, cracking everywhere and just doesn't seem correct. I have had some initial advice from a tiler and they have said it all has to be removed and started again, as you do not want movement in the future, especially when you have a brand new kitchen sitting on top. I have attached a link to a video I have taken (copy and paster in to your browser), so you can see the extent of the work and the current state of floor. Can I please get your expert opinions on what you think I should do.!AIDH6XkHLKzXVu8&ithint=video&e=VVkUfs

    Many thanks, James
  2. Mark DM

    Mark DM Screwfix Select

    Can't access the video without signing up. So, that aside, everything should be well bonded, solid and no movement. I wonder was the slc laid over the correct primer and at the correct consistency. Was there sufficient coverage over the ufh? No way would I take the risk of tiling over it. Does sound, as the Tiler says, it needs to be replaced and relaid correctly .
  3. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    Can’t see the video. If it’s cracking and moving then it’s flucked, area probably wasn’t primed first before it was laid.
  4. James987654321

    James987654321 New Member

    When I asked the builder about bonding, he advised the levelling compound would bond sufficiently. But levelling compound was laid, then when it dried, more levelling compound was laid directly on top to level the floor further, with no bonding in between. Shame you can't see the link....
  5. James987654321

    James987654321 New Member

  6. Mark DM

    Mark DM Screwfix Select

    After your latest post I'm wondering if both the 2 pour attempts to level were not primed and are de - laminating. What ever the issue, its defective and will need replacing. No access to the video. You could post some pictures but I'm sure the outcome will be the same.
  7. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Not watched all of video, just the first minute and yeah, what a shame, something (or multiple things) have gone very wrong with this job and your spot on to be concerned about proceeding now with tiles

    Surely, any decent tiled would also put a stop to the works before he’s mixed up any adhesive as it’s instantly obvious this floor isnt fit to tile over

    There are a few SLC that don’t require a separate primer - Ardex Arditex NA being one - sack of powder comes with a separate bottle of powder that’s mixed in with the water, so likely it contains a powdered primer admix for convenience

    That top layer looks fairly thin - maybe too thin for the products minimum pour depth ? But these varies between products so would need checking x

    Looks like a meeting on-site with the builder and maybe the tiler also if he will back you up but may be in the pocket of the builder - but even so, they would be mad to proceed without holding their hands up and admitting that something has gone wrong here and needs rectifying - with no costs to yourself

    Good luck with this and please update the forum
  8. McSport

    McSport Screwfix Select

    I can view all of your links but not qualified to answer :)
    I have done some SLC myself DIY

    Some screenshots that might help the others assist

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