Help! Can't figure out how to connect water softener waste hose?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by SeanyK, Mar 11, 2019.

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    Hey folks, I am 90% of the way towards finishing installing a water softener, ignore the mess, I need some longer braided hoses and then will mount everything neatly on the side of the cabinet!


    The white hose you see on the picture is the drain hose, it's approx 2" but the inner diameter around 1 1/2" so it's too small to push onto a washing machine waste nozzle, it needs to go into a waste but with a 20mm air gap , or a standpipe , the only thing is I am struggling to see how I can get that to work in the current setup, as you can see I have wastes a plenty but nothing that would suit...

    Ideally I guess a tundish, but I have no idea how I would connect that to existing pipework ? And if I could, then how could I 'convert' the hose to be able to connect to the tundish itself?

    Would really, really appreciate any help and advice with this, I'd love to get it all finished and working !

    Many thanks in advance
  2. andy48

    andy48 Screwfix Select

    1. Tun dish would have to be fitted vertically, which I don't think is possible with your current set up.
    2. Try putting the end of the drain hose in boiling water. When soft, expand over something same size as waste nozzle, preferably something rigid. Repeat as necessary until will just fit over nozzle. Secure with jubilee clip, preferably stainless steel one.
    3. You've got some rather sharp bends on the the steel braided flexible hoses. It would have been better to alter the copper pipe work to give easier bends. Keep an eye on them because if the fail, you'll have a flood.
    4. The isolation valves don't look like full bore ones. They will restrict your water flow if not full bore.
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  3. SeanyK

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    Hi Andy many thanks once more for your helpful response, much appreciated! :)

    2) I'll give that a go, I am still a little concerned on the CAT 5 fluid risk of any 'backwash' should the WM trap not do it's job, but it does indeed not look like I have many other options here...
    3) 100% agreed, I bought 30cm flexi hoses as I did not want overly long hosing, but that said, they are too short and giving those sharp bends, I am picking up a set of 50cm & 90cm ones later, as I want to definitely 'ease' those connections and keep them at far less sharper bends, I may cut off some more copper pipe depending on whether I still need that drain valve, I left it in place as I was concerned on whether it was a regulation to have one after the stopcock.
    4) Those isolation valves are built into the flexi hoses, I am guessing they are not full bore, so will get the hoses without the valves on them when I pick up the longer ones later from Screwfix :)

    PS> I shut the stopcock off during the night, as I was so paranoid with those flexi hoses being kinked! (and I shut it back off again this morning before I left for work, for the same reasons ha ha!) Paranoia!
  4. SeanyK

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    So I have done it here like this;


    The drain hose is pushed and jubilee clipped onto the top of a Tundish (22mm/15mm) the bottom part of the Tundish has a 21.5mm diameter small piece of waste overflow pipe, this was fitted using a 3/4 plastic olive and some PTFE tape holding it to the pipe, followed by fastening the Tunish around it, I then pushed this over the nozzle of the drain out kit that is connected to the 40mm waste pipe, added a jubilee clip for good measure.

    Hope it works... We shall see!
  5. andy48

    andy48 Screwfix Select

    What you have will work for the water softener drain. However, you are liable to get drain smells back through the tun dish, as there is no trap between the tun dish and the drain.
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  6. SeanyK

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    Hi Andy, I see, there is not much space as you can see, so I am wondering about the logistics of a trap under it, I guess there are a couple of options;

    1) Swap the tundish for a this? Would this then solve everything and keep everything as it looks now (asides from the tundish being replaced) ?

    2) Fit a waste valve horizontally with elbow from the tundish, then elbow the other side to the waste (a sideways S shape basically!)
  7. SeanyK

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    Hi Andy figured i'd update this, the day after fitting the Tun dish, like you mentioned about the drain smell, I figured i'd swap it out and went for the Teslatun Dry Trap Tundish

    Installed here;


    Used it for a few days so far, all good, the main difficulty was getting the bottom of the Tun dish to connect to the waste pipe connector, as they were both male threads, so I used a 21.5mm bit of waste inbetween and 3/4 Olive, PTFE and finally some plumbers mait.

    Hopefully it's all good now!

    Thanks for your help as well!

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