help! Does anyone recognise this building block?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by welshwizard1971, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. welshwizard1971

    welshwizard1971 New Member

    Do you recognise the building block below? My mother in law has had a flat roof garage built 'cheap' by her nephew who 'worked on a building site for a few weeks'. The internal walls are running with water, literally, the electrics are a death sentence, I've found over 30 serious faults so far, some even structural, it's a shocking mess, and I'm sure a builder would find far more than me, an enthusiastic Diy'er, but who works on the roads so some limited civil engineering experience too. But, I don't recognise this block, single skin construction, and the fact it's been textured both sides suggests to me it's an internal load bearing wall block designed to be plastered/faced both sides, certainly not an external facing block, any ideas? I'm desperate for her to get her money back, demolish the thing, and get it rebuilt by a proper builder, confirming these blocks are unsuitable will persuade her hopefully! It's near Doncaster if anyone wants to recommend a decent builder who does this sort of work :)


    BLUEJACKET Active Member

    Thermalite block, From the small picture, looks like decent laying...Not too keen on this block, prefer the more heavier block.

    B J
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  3. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    These blocks are porous and will soak water up like a sponge

    The outside would ideally need rendering to make waterproof, or some kind if liquid waterproofer possibly ?

    Are you saying that these blocks are unfinished in any way on the outside and exposed to the elements ?

    Also any sign of a damp course and have these blocks been used right down to the ground foundations or a few courses if engineering bricks / blocks used

    Did the same nephew also do the electrics ?

    Good luck
  4. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Blockwork doesn't look too bad, yes they are only to be use as internal leaf or rendered as mentioned above.

    Is there a possibility that an external brick leaf could be built, obviously it will need the foundations and wall ties to be fitted.
  5. welshwizard1971

    welshwizard1971 New Member

    They are unfinished and exposed, and, there is no fascia or Guttering, a felt flat roof ( which is also leaking, normal nails and no overlap at the joints) with a small gradient ( which also takes the water from the adjacent garage!) , so the entire watershed is directed right onto the backwall. There is a Base course made from normal bricks, with a DPC, but he did do the electrics which are lethal, and that I do know about! Also, the felt doesn't even extend enough to cover the wood areas, so the wood is the exposed to the elements, and it's untreated pine!

    Oh, and the blockwork may look ok in that bit, but in other areas, you can see daylight between the blocks, and the outside is totally unpointed, the motar has either been squeezed out the joint and dribbled down the wall and left, or there's so little motar half the joint has been left exposed, so another entry point for water...
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  6. Celcons, and no good for out side, even if rendered.
  7. Alyssa Somerset

    Alyssa Somerset New Member

    Celcon walls have a brilliant resistance to water penetration. You should go for a skilled professional engineer or any granny flat builders. I am sure they will guide you in a proper way regarding this matter.
  8. WelshWiz, I'm guessing that if you take a screwdriver to these blocks and, er, screw with it, it'll bore its way through with ease?

    Lightweight 'thermalite' blocks, as mentioned above. Very nice to handle, has a good insulation value. But, as also said above - soaks water like t'sponge, and you can practically snap them over your knee...

    Whether it'll be 'fine' once properly rendered on the outside and then painted with top-quality masonry paint, I dunno. I think a wee bit of surfing will tell you if this is possible, or whether it'll need a second 'skin' of some sort added on the outside - either 'proper' block, or possibly Ext Ply, mesh and render.

    BUT, the whole job sounds like a guy with more enthusiasm than knowledge. I'm assuming (hoping) that this cove had the best intentions when offering to do this for his Aunt?

    Is he 'approachable'? Or defensive...?

    Sounds like a potentially very awkward situation.

    Good luck... :(
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