help filling domestic electrical installation certificate

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by daz-daz, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. daz-daz

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    few questions regarding filling domestic eic.

    under particulars of installation at the origin it asks for number of smoke alarms. Do you only fill this in if you have fitted the smoke alarms yourself or do you fill it in regardless.

    insulation resistance test line/line i take it this is only on ring mains. is it testing between live to live on each leg i know it sounds stupid asking.

    max zs for 40amp 60898 type 2 is it the same as a type b 1.15 and what is the max disconnection time permitted is it 0.4s.

    thanks any help would be gratefully received.
  2. spark&half

    spark&half Active Member

    Insulation resistance test live to live is for 3 phase systems.

    I only put smoke detectors if i have installed them or tested or altered them.

    disconnection time would be 5 seconds but depends whether its TT or not.
  3. spark&half

    spark&half Active Member

    40A type 2 maz zs is 0.82 for a bs 3871
  4. spark&half

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  5. daz-daz

    daz-daz New Member

    no tnc-s system.

    so under the box line/line put n/a

    main fuse is bs88 on old form states type 2 in on-site guide it says 50Ka at 415v is this the correct type.
  6. spark&half

    spark&half Active Member

    5 seconds then and 16.5ka for main fuse

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