help for tiling this awkward box?!

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    Hi guys i've tiled my entire bathroom floor to ceiling in 200x400 tiles in a staggered start pattern & the only part i have left is this awkward box that covers the angled ceiling of the stairs below. I'd like to carry on the pattern down & around it rather than just bang 3 tiles on straight however the sides wont match the top and i'm a little lost on what the best solution is to have things lining up. picture below any advice welcome!

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  2. Continue the wall tiles down that slop keeping it all in line.

    Once the wall is done, do the triangular end panel and make the grout lines line up with the wall tiles to it's right (slightly out of picture). Fit a decorative bead along that external corner betwixt the two.

    I think.
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    thanks for the rapid response! so would you cut the tiles to match the grout line even if this means cutting off the bevelled edge? i've added a new picture, the blue line will actually be arcatrave as that's a door so the tiles on "2" will have no grout lines to join up with other than those on "1"

    So just to clarify, you would start on "1" and then tile "2" matching the grout lines?

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    Yes but when doing 2 you line up the grout lines with the adjacent wall, not "1" those won't line up.

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