[HELP] How do I prep this for a plasterer?

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by RipGroove, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. RipGroove

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    My house came with an oven extractor hood that had nowhere to vent to, so I've bought a new extractor as the old one was knackered and I've made a channel in the plasterboard and offered up some flat ducting that will vent outside. Once I'm finished I need to box it in I guess with plasterboard ready for a plasterer to come and make it good, so I was thinking of just screwing a baton along the wall under the ducting and another baton to the ceiling and going from there, is there any reason that won't work, or is there a better solution? If I do screw a baton to the ceiling, should I use plasterboard fixings like I elsewhere in the house when I'm hanging pictures etc, like these:


    Or are the metal ones better?


    Some photos of what I'm working with (bit of a mess at the minute), the ceiling took a bit of damage as the coving wouldn't come off without a hard fight!:





    Out of focus!
  2. Dr Bodgit

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    I would prefer to attach battens to solid brickwork/walls, but fixing using those metal plasterboard fittings would also work I guess as long as they're solidly attached. Better to find where the joists in the ceiling are and try to attach battens to those. Not always possible or easy I admit.
  3. kitfit1

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    Personally i'd use the metal ones as Dr Bodgit says.
    Just out of interest, Are there wall cabinets to the left of the hood ?

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