Help Identifying this Waste pipe connector?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by novice_builder123, May 20, 2022.

  1. novice_builder123

    novice_builder123 New Member

    Ripping out a Champagne bath from the 70s in a renovation.

    Here is a pic of the abomination behind the toilet.


    I measured the outer diameter of the waste pipe going into the concrete at 133mm (5.25 inches)

    Either I have:

    A - Measured it wrong
    B - Or this is a defunct / old waste pipe standard from pre metric days?

    If B, will I need to rip it out and replace with a metric standard waste pipe?

    Any help appreciated!

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  2. Abbadon2001

    Abbadon2001 Screwfix Select

    Is that the blue diameter or the red? The blue looks like a coupler or similar, so im assuming you measured the red which is extending below the coupler looking bit?

  3. novice_builder123

    novice_builder123 New Member

    I measured the blue part it looks 127mm internal diameter

    The red part is a removable sort of jacket thing.
  4. Abbadon2001

    Abbadon2001 Screwfix Select

    I'm not sure you interpreted my diagram as I intended - take a look below: the bit I'm pointing to here, as well as the bit you can just see going in to the ground, is smaller than the chunky bit on the outside - did you measure the OD of that bit? To me that looks like the soil pipe going in to the concrete.

  5. Abbadon2001

    Abbadon2001 Screwfix Select

    This is what im seeing: upload_2022-5-20_13-57-5.png
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  6. Cliff Rees

    Cliff Rees Active Member

    Do not woryy about any changes in diameter due to metrification. Just take your picture and dimensions to a local screfix or similar and they should be able to sort you out with a suitable Multikwik or similar adaptor/connector to sort your requirements
  7. novice_builder123

    novice_builder123 New Member

    Yes I see it now, thanks I will take measurements tomorrow.

    A+ on the drawing (I was a bit shocked at first but gave me a good laugh!)
  8. CGN

    CGN Screwfix Select

    You’ve got a clay pipe there with the flange showing. The pan connector has been ‘masticed/gobbed/bodged)in to get a seal. If you can work with it in that position then great, otherwise, you may have to kango the floor up and reroute. If it’s ok where it is, then you could angle grinder the flange off at floor level and use a clay to plastic adapter and go from there.

    You may find that it’s too far forward to enable a close coupled toilet to fit back to the wall. Swan neck pan conns for may help, but can only do so much
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  9. novice_builder123

    novice_builder123 New Member

    Thanks CGN

    I've put the toilet back temporarily for now as its the only place to pee in

    Interesting observation with claypipe. The bathroom was originally built as an extension in the late 70s, were they not all using plastic waste by then?

    The original toilet was packed out at the wall with bits of wood to fix the toilet to.

    The toilet will stay where it is, I think I will buy some of the adaptors you've mentioned and shotgun it.

    There is inspection concrete slabs outside, I will pry one up and see what type of waste pipe is there
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