HELP! Mr Ha? Anybody?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Fada Mach, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Fada Mach

    Fada Mach New Member

    I've chust fitted a nifty new cordless keyboard for the lovely admin lady at our local school, and all was well - it's a Logitech S520 (nice...) and the pooter is running XP pro.

    However, when the pooter goes to sleep when left unused for a bit, the USB is disconnected and -ditto- the new keyboard & mouse.

    Blugger me if I didn't have to refit the old keyboard & mouse and leave it under the desk for her to kick-start it all back into life when needed.

    I know it must be something 'simple' like telling the fekkin' USB to stay on when pooter is asleep, but - until I find out how to do this - HELP!

    Ta much.
  2. Fada Mach

    Fada Mach New Member

    Yeah, ok, found it... :(
  3. Lucy Lastic

    Lucy Lastic New Member

    Mr Ha!

  4. Adolf Hilter

    Adolf Hilter New Member

    Growenzee upvards
  5. Climt Kunquat

    Climt Kunquat New Member

    This thread has bin really dull until this reply which has now made it very, very, very interesting indeeeeedypoo.


  6. Yours truly

    Yours truly New Member

    go suck a kumquat

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