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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by zahidalif, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. zahidalif

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    Hi there,

    This is my first ever post. I tried to drill a hole on my internal wall which seems to have a hollow section. The hole was too big for the wall plug, and the wall plug was pushed inside the cavity. I inserted another one and then slipped in too. I am worried whether this would cause any blockage or any other safety issues as there could be electric wires inside the cavity wall. Or am I panicking too much? Are the plugs going to sit quietly at the bottom of the drywall? Please help me! I suffer from an anxiety disorder so I need some assurance, please.
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    It'll be fine, but get someone in who knows what they're doing the next time...:rolleyes:
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    As @gadget man says it will be absolutely fine so no need to worry any more about the plugs inside the wall. If it helps, it's often the best way to dispose of redundant plugs before repairing/repainting as pushing them inside the wall can do less damage than pulling them out.

    Anyway, there are loads of different hollow wall fixings. What are you trying to fix and how big is the hole(s) you've made in the wall?

    There's lots of help available here so no need to make this any more stressful than it needs to be for you. Getting it solved will do a lot for your peace of mind/self esteem whether that's through us talking you through it or finding someone more experienced to do it for you.

    Good luck either way.
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    Thank you ever so much for your compassionate reply that put my mind in ease.

    I was trying to fix an ikea shoe cabinet on the wall with four full thread 8mm screws (the shoe cabinet was second hand so no instruction or original screws). I bought some universal brown plugs from wickes as I could not find wall plugs specific for the plasterboard. On the package, it says drill 7 mm for screws of 8-10 mm. I used the 7 mm drill bit but I could feel the holes were bigger than needed and caused the wall plugs to slip in easily. Being frustrated and not knowing what to do, I screwed the screws directly into the plasterboard wall without any plugs. It seems to be doing the job for now, but the screws are not as snug as I would expect them to be. They rotate to touch.

    I think my options are:

    1. leave it as it is as the shoe cabinet is not likely to come off the wall easily, but it does not satisfy me as this is not a proper fix and I have kids home.

    2. Remove all the screws and the shoe cabinet and make new holes with appropriate wall plugs: this is less preferable and would like to avoid if option 1 above is viable. I already made quite a few holes; this is a rented property and I am reluctant to make it any worse.

    I look forward to receiving your valued feedback.

    In any event, I am still grateful for your supportive attitude; this matters most!
  5. zahidalif

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  6. AnotherTopJob

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    If you use some slightly larger "Molly" metal plasterboard fixings you can use your existing holes and will be a strong permanent fix.
  7. Mike58

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    Those would be #8 to #10 screws which for metric would be 4, 4.5 or 5mm

    The older plasterboard plugs are and use a 4mm screw. Do a search for plasterboard plugs at SF and you will find a variety suitable for light through to heavy fixing.

    You may find these will go into your existing holes without much extra drilling

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