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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by davidnb, Jan 4, 2022.

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    I am currently renovating a bathroom for a friend. She is on a limited budget and cannot afford fancy bathroom units etc. We are going to purchase a new close coupled toilet and move this to the left (see photo) using a flexible toilet connector or offset connector. We then will need to box in the existing pipes etc to make it more cosmetic. I did wander whether it would be more cost effective to build a carcass and go for a concealed cistern? Question is what products should I use to box in the pipework or use for the carcass material? I don't really want to spend the time tiling etc. It also needs to be removable in case iever need access to the bath taps. Many thanks for the help.

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  2. Truckcab79

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    If you’re on a budget then just move it and conceal the pipes if they bother you. If it’s just the copper then Wickes do a cheap white plastic trunking that fits over the supplied pipe clips to cover them. Or you can use the snap on chrome covers. Boxing in, use whatever you like but bear in mind it could get wet so ideally timber frame and ply. You could use plasterboard or aquapanel. Trouble is if you start doing stuff like that the materials costs mount up quickly. Personally if you have minimal budget I’d do the minimum for a tidy job now and bank the money for a better job further down the line or spend it replacing the Lino. Cheap new modern shape toilet, new doors or repair those ones, nice piece of new Lino. Freshen up the paint and job done.
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    Why are you moving it to the left? Thigh touching right hand wall when sat down? Best to have straight toilet pan connectors direct into waste pipe, flexible connectors get all gunked up over time and plumbers will also have negative things to say about them.
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    Yes would rather not move it but you're squashed against the wall when sat. Only going to go a few inches and I have sourced an offset connector that I am hoping will do the job.
  5. davidnb

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    Have found some primed and beaded mdf panels which are affordable. I think they'll be okay with a couple of coats of white gloss.
  6. Truckcab79

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    They’ll do the job. Paint the edges, particularly against the floor. Any bare cut edges will soak up moisture and expand. Bit of silicone for good measure and a neater finish.

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