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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by JFD199188, Mar 30, 2021.

  1. JFD199188

    JFD199188 New Member

    I'm in the process of buying my first flat and the shower in the flat is an electric one. I haven't had the full details of the flat yet but it looks like the boiler is a combi boiler. It's a first floor flat with just one shower.

    The electric shower that's in there now doesn't seem great and I would like to upgrade it but I've done some research and it looks like there will be limitations to what I can do to make it better. I tested it when I saw the flat and the water flow didn't seem brilliant.

    Is there anything I can do to improve this or is there anything I need to ask of the seller to get a better understanding of what I could do to get a better shower? I had hoped to have a rainfall style shower head but that looks like it won't be possible. Ideally I would have something like this - - but I don't want to fit it if the flow will be bad.

    I've been living in rented flats so I've never had to actually deal with this kind of thing before so I'm a complete novice. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. dcox

    dcox Screwfix Select

    The electric shower will just have a cold mains pipe feeding it. The water has to be slowed down inside the shower to allow the heating element time to do its job - if the water runs through too fast the water would only be tepid.

    Assuming you have reasonable mains pressure then your combi would be able to provide a decent amount of hot water for a better shower but you need to get hot and cold water to the position of the new valve. Impossible to put them behind your existing tiles without disturbing them unless you have access behind (such as an airing cupboard).
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  3. JFD199188

    JFD199188 New Member

    Thanks, I was planning on retiling the bathroom anyway so I guess I could do both together? Do you know if that would be an expensive job to do?
  4. jonathanc

    jonathanc Guest

    likely to be minor additional cost given the retiling etc

    as above, try to use the hot feed from the combi as that will likely give you a much higher flow. You might like to get a digital shower ( look at Mira platinum) as that might give you a cleaner finish in the shower. Depending on your room layout it may also be easier or harder to fit. (for example in a bungalow - i know you are in a flat) the ceiling fed unit mounted in the loft is pretty easy to fit
  5. dcox

    dcox Screwfix Select

    I prefer the bar type mixer shower valves for ease of installation and the option to change the valve unit if necessary easily later. Pipes are set at 150mm centres and I use a Marflow Shower Pl8 behind the tiles to hold the pipes securely and in the right position.

    Screwfix have a good deal on the Mira mixers at the moment. There are posters up in the plumbfix counters but I can’t remember the model name.
  6. JFD199188

    JFD199188 New Member

    Thanks, there is a flat above the one I'm buying so I don't think a ceiling unit would be possible. I will look into digital showers.

    Are there any limiting factors that prevent you from installing either a mixer or a digital shower? Should I be looking at things like the width of the pipes as well?

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