Help! Pipe thread for concealed shower handset too short to fit through plasterboard and tile!

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Marc Brown, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Marc Brown

    Marc Brown New Member

    Hi folks,

    I'm a keen but amateur DIY enthusiast. I've decided to take on the replacement of our en-suite. I'm currently replacing the old shower. The new shower is a Triple Thermostatic Shower Pack with Head + Handset. I have two questions that I really hope someone can help me with.

    1 - The handset consists of a pipe thread and elbow. Picture attached below. I have fitted all plumbing for the 3 way shower valve with plumbing leading to the handset. When i went to put up my aquaboards and inserted the pipe thread through a whole in the aquaboard I noticed it wasnt long enough to pass through both the aqauboard (12.5cm) and the (8mm) wall tile so effectively I couldnt screw the elbow onto the pipe thread. Also, the handset didnt come with a back nut and washer that I thought it would of to tighten up against the back of the aquaboard. With the shower handset itself being thrust into the elbow on the wall when in use surely it will wear away on the back of the aqauboard where the compression fitting connects to the pipe thread and eventually start to come loose from the wall? Having searched high and low i cant seem to find a longer pipe thread or way to extend the current one. Its a 1/2 BSP male with a smaller end that screws into the elbow measures about 5/8 of an inch in diameter. can someone tell me if they think it should be tightened on the back with a nut and how to extend the pipe thread?

    2 - The shower rain head that also came in the shower pack ironically has a longer pipe thread so no problem and a back nut and washer. However my question here that equally applies to question number 1 - how on earth are you supposed to tighten the back nut once the plasterboard is up and all you have is the pipe thread sticking through the plasterboard. Does it self tighten or will it try and spin meaning you dont get a good tight seal when screwing on the shower rain head arm?

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  2. Riddor

    Riddor Member

    Looks like parallel thread so use female parallel with washer pipework behind in wall use pipe clips or brackets
  3. Marc Brown

    Marc Brown New Member

    Thanks Riddor,

    problem i have when connecting additional pipe tread is it still leaves no room for a washer behind wall. think best thing maybe to as you say use clips/brackets behind wall to keep pipe in place and that should then not need a washer. i think i will have just enough thread to connect the elbow on the finished side of wall!
  4. Riddor

    Riddor Member

    sorry not explaining very well
    use a parrellell female nut fitting with rubber washer inside, like a tap tail if u cane bend or a 90 if u cant
  5. The Teach

    The Teach Screwfix Select

    Tbh them user outlets get tugged/pulled. They benefit from a mechanical bracket fitted to something rigid in the wall, Something like a backplate elbow and tap/radiator extensions to lengthen the brass threaded shank.
    How it all tightens up is also bespoke the brass shank may need shortening but its all doable :).

    Some brassware is more easily installed than others,some are a pain via the container ship from china :mad:

    easily sorted to provide a permanent solution.


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