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  1. And you can add a splash of p.v.a into a gauge of skim that will act as a retarder.
  2. nicknuv

    nicknuv New Member

    I was a plasterer by trade, not a carpenter. I stuck with what I was taught to do.
    I have gone into business, but I only get involved with the surveying side of you really think I spent 10 years at college to plaster ceilings? God you are fcuking stupid.

    This year I'll be taking my final interview for the Chartered Institute of Building and subsequently registering the firm as a Chartered Building Company, as I am a director. Check out the CIOB site and educate yourself...if you can see for all the lime. Why would I give you a bad name?..You constantly mug yourself off on here trying to prove a point when people don't agree with you. Now, go and knock up some render with lime and plasticiser...****.
  3. nicknuv

    nicknuv New Member

    Robbo, you been drinking PVA? You seem pretty retarded.
  4. panlid

    panlid New Member

    aaah blessyou nick. those who can build, those with small willies and an inferior complex survey!
  5. jcraig

    jcraig New Member

    nick nuv - 10 years to study surveying at college. Boy its took a while for you to learn. Think you are the one thats stupid. My sons a surveyor and it never took him that long. I smell ***** here.
    Your reply's to some of the topics are a disgrace. not nice when the tables are turned is it.
  6. nicknuv you Walter Mitty dreamer, how I laugh at people like you who spend their time blowing up their own arrses on a forum trying to impress people they will never meet you pathetic little individual. We have all met them the " O I thsay you lowly wuffians dont you know I have got a degwee!!!".......Is this the point where we all say WOW how impressive what a smart guy!! pwahhhh you dumb fuuck, no one gives a fiddlers fart. Do you think you are the only one who has got on in life....except you have not yet have you? because all you have are pipe dreams and empty pockets numb nuts.
    I could come on here and tell you all I have done in my life and what I have achieved but I dont need to because I am not that shallow.
  7. And dont miss too many days at school will you because if your mastery of your chosen profession to date, in plastering is any indication of your future success, then you will be a long term educated man who doesnt know shiit from clay
  8. nicknuv

    nicknuv New Member

    Lads, never took me 10 years to become a surveyor...I did ten years at college...Advanced Craft, ONC, NHC, MCIOB. Your son might well be a surveyor, but I worked my way through the ranks of foreman, assistant surveyor etc. Is he one of those degree educated people referred to in the body of posts? As for smelling whatever it was, perhaps if you managed to prize your tongue from Robbo's ****, you might smell the real world.

    'O I thsay you lowly wuffians dont you know I have got a degwee'. Is that an Irish accent Knobbo? I grew up on an east London council estate and certainly never heard anyone talk like that...immigrant navi's or otherwise. Or is that how the offspring of 'jcraig' talks?

    I'd be, kindly go away...


    Christ on a bike how boring are you!
    Was looking at your posts ...Its all I am going to do this, I am about to do this, We plan to do this.... Have not actually achieved much yet then have you ?, I do believe the construction industry is not about to be overwhelmed with nickpuffs Walter Mitty pipe dream enterprises just yet, not quite enough to frighten the horses eh you onerous tedious little man.
  10. VF

    VF New Member

    Meanwhile back on earth...

    How did the ceiling go marcusryan? did you have to reskim it? Skimming a boarded ceiling, ah paradise.....

    My first job was a ceiling, and looking back it was a great learning curve/experience.
    If I can give you any tips on ceilings for the future is simply dont panic and get regemented. A few times Ive struggled ever aware that the clock is ticking on the plaster and when aprehension sets in you loose your concentration and mistakes happen. But if you stick to a plan, say start out and work you way in clockwise to the centre of the ceiling that will be a big help. Also try a slightly thicker mix of Boardfinish or Multifinish, I prefer this thicker mix when knocking off ceilings.

    One more thing when you can rattle off ceilings, walls will become so much easier....
  11. nicknuv

    nicknuv New Member

    Okay Robbo...whatever
  12. The cat got your tongue Nick?
  13. nicknuv

    nicknuv New Member

    Was the previous post a question then? It sounded to me like another personal attack; still, the rest of your girlfriends should be along to join in soon.

    And all because I didn't want to use lime and plasticiser in the same gauge.

    Funny really, anyone who disagrees seems to fall under the 'wrath of Robbo' which consequently results in you and your fan club proffering insults...I mean, posting to say that you aren't going to answer...why bother.

    And all over, run along mate...put some ceilings on, smoke some **** the off a bit etc.

    What time are your boyfriends on tonight?
  14. Because of Lime!!!!, dont delude yourself son shine, had you not considered the fact that everyone can see you as The Walter Mitty blaggarding dupe you really are and they, including me, simply dont like you, rather than squealing like a girl thinking you are being picked on, show a little backbone and lets see something engagingl other than " I have been to college for ten years " am I not just great!
  15. nicknuv

    nicknuv New Member

    Funny Robbo...on one hand, I'm a dreamer because I have ambition; on the other I'm either a show off, or a liar.

    So why would I wish to argue..I don't...I just think you a silly person who doesn't like being disagreed with. You compalin about me being 'tedious' 'onerous' etc., so why keep responding? And when I don't bother, why provoke wonder you aint got a labourer..I bet you are a right bully...

    Did you get caught wearing your mum's panties or something when you were a kid?

    Now, for the last time along...end of...I won't be provoked...I deal with tossers day-in, day-out and manage to keep my temper.

  16. You can be my labourer....No sugar in the tea boy!
  17. Ambitious? or simply a day dreaming fantasist. I never said you were showing off for getting educated, do you think you are the only person here that is educated? so take it upon yourself to attest yourself as something exclusively exceptional that it is showing off to have spent years in college. What I did say was no one gives a fiddlers fart ....showing off is indicative of an attempt to impress. You impress no one.
    You really do have a high opinion of yourself.
    I bet those loonies can be rather annoying in your adult basic literature classes, your a credit to the care in the community programme for keeping a lid on your temper even when they poo in your lunch box.
  18. nicknuv

    nicknuv New Member

    'your a credit'

    Hmmm...I believe you'd benefit from adult lit class too.

    Now, run along Bobby.

  19. madidus

    madidus New Member

    Picking people up on smelling and p'unctuashun pistakes really is scraping the bottom of the argument barrel. Let's have a good clean fight now.
  20. nicknuv

    nicknuv New Member

    It wasn't me who implied illiterisseee.

    I love Bobby...he's...nice...

    Mind you, his minders scare me a bit...tough rascals I'll wager...talking about on site are scaring me...I might just go back to college under a psuedonym. I hope they don't find me...the insults are so scary, I actually want to wear a safety-helmet (hard hat Bobby). I hope they don't kick me with their 'steelies'. In fact, if I take off my hi-viz, they wont see me...too much smoke and Mirrors...(clever Roberta eh...smoke mirrors...ceilings...labourers etc...enough!).

    I wonder if they film it on mobiles...God they missed their vocations...

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