Help Please...are these standard size kitchen doors

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by turbo2015, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. turbo2015

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    Hi All

    Need to borrow your heads.

    Do these kitchen doors sizes look like standard sizes, if so where can i purchase them. Its a john lewis kitchen 8 years old, looking to change the door fronts for a color change without changing the carcass.

    Thanks Again

    pullouts draws 800 x 140
    pullouts draws 800 x 285
    pullouts draws 800 x 285

    washing machine door 600 x 715
    dishwasher 445 x 715
    undersink 495 x 715
    Fridge freezer 900 x 600
  2. ajohn

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    All I can tell you is that they aren't Ikea sizes. Guess you will have to search the web for various unit suppliers and check against these.

  3. chippie244

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    Look at Homestyle any size you want.
  4. Vixere

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    If you want new doors, Turbo, there are a few companies that will make them to your exact size. Not costly either.

    Is Homestyle one of them, Chippie244?
  5. chippie244

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  6. Vixere

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    Thanks Chippie.

    Turbo, when you come to ordering new doors from one of these companies, I think you need to give them the EXACT measurements you need the doors to be. For example, a door for a 600mm wide unit will actually be something like 597mm wide to allow for clearance between the doors. So if you ordered one saying it was 600mm wide and they manufactured it to that size, it would be too big for your 600mm unit.

    There are a few companies to choose from - try a Google for 'kitchen door manufacturers' and you'll find a few.
  7. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    I use summerbridge for custom doors.

    I also have used Kitchen Door Workshop too.

    Both fine.
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  8. teabreak

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  9. robertpstubbs

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    Do the companies that make doors to your exact specs make holes for the hinges? Not particularly difficult to do yourself but you need to do it reasonably accurately.
  10. Pollowick

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    Do you get staff discount and commission for sales through spamming?
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  11. chippie244

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