Help please - where to vent the chimney

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by DIYer1234, Nov 25, 2020.

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    A5E712B8-2680-47A6-AA10-74721311D38D.jpeg 0606202F-94A3-426B-9E07-B315F026FEE7.jpeg Hi all, appreciate some advice..

    We have a slight damp issue which appears in cold weather, in the first floor bedroom next to the chimney breast. Mainly on the ceiling rather than the breast itself.

    The chimney has been plaster boarded around it throughout the house. It has had a gas fire installed on the ground floor (see internal pic). This has a sleeve running up the chimney, where’s it’s got a ventilated cap at the top but there is no other ventilation.

    I’m planning to put an airbrick on the outside to try and resolve the issue - this would need to be a bit higher up to account for the fire place on the ground floor and conservatory on the outside.

    My two questions are:

    1) would putting an airbrick half way up (see external pic) do the trick? You can almost see the damp on the outside wall of the chimney which starts around half way up.

    2) would we need a vent internally, say in the first floor bedroom, too?

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    if your getting damp on the ceiling in the bedroom id look at the flashing and pointing on/around the chimney first make sure there no where for rain to get in, when we got this house we had same issue and it was poorly sealed roof to chimney
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    just looking at your pic id want to see close up that gap/crack what ever it is at the bottom left of the chimney, can you zoom in on your original photo as see in more detail, even just the slightest of cracks where a bond has given up can let rain or driving rain in and over time itll travel through the mortar, and first place itll hit is the bedroom ceiling, and damp mortar an brickwork behind the paint will cause it to come off like you can see further down the brickwork
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    Thanks for your reply appreciate that.
    We’ve had the roof lining replaced around the chimney, flashing resealed etc as that was my first thought.

    The dodgy looking stuff all over the wall is where the previous owners had telephone wires literally everywhere all over it - have pulled those off and filled etc where needed. But I’ve attached a close up of the wall.

    The reason I think it’s perhaps the chimney sweating is that it doesn’t just happen in the rain, also when it’s cold outside (and warm inside) the ceiling next to chimney breast is damp.

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    still looks like a gap to me, i dont think venting the chimney is going to be the answer, can you get into the attic and check the brickwork there, see if its damp or wet

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