help pls, fallen onto horizontal discharge pipe, really worried

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  1. Hi my pipes system is a bit of a bodge as the old owner of the flat rerouted them and made a mess of them.
    Here are pictures of them and corresponding roof vents.
    The soil stinkpipe stak and soil pipe have a blue arrow anda the pipe I fell on has a red arrow, and it leads into another grey 4 inch pipe but thats hidden so i am really worried i
    have caused damage.
    The elbow of the pipe with the red arrow is raised off the ground 5 inches as i have nothing to put under it and when i fell on it it moved down about half an inch and i am worried i have broken something, but dont know how i will be able to tell as the pipe with the red arrow leads to a boxed in horisontal pipe , which bends vertical and then goes out onto the roof, seee picture of vent with red arrow. I know the condensate pipe leads into it but i dunno what elese it discharges and i am really worried my falling onto it and moving it down half an inch has caused damage as it was done by cowbody plumbers. thanks any help appreciated.
    soil and vent pipe.jpg
    soil and vent pipe.jpg soil and vent pipe.jpg
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    It should be fine, dropped your phone by the way. :D:D
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    Very clever phone that can take a picture like that while on the floor!
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    Probably one of them 'smart' phones.
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  5. Thanks@Isitreally and @HarDeBloody, I forgot to say, I checked it by moving it up and down and it made a clanking noise somewhere in the boxing where it is connected to the discharge pipe that the condensate pipe leads into, in light of this new info on clanking sound, should i get a plumber or heating engineer out or cut the boxing?

    ps got two phones use one as atorch
  6. I'm really panicking in case i have caused some damage to a pipe that i cannot see, i cant cut the boxingn as it has an electrical socket on it.
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    If it's not smelly and there's no wet patches, it's more than likely OK.
    Give it a few days, and only start worrying if you start smelling bad air or seeing wet or damp areas.
  8. Quite a bit of flex in these plastic pipes, and also in the push-fit connections.

    It moved an inch or so? Almost certainly nothing to worry about.

    That pipe is on the floor? And then they bend upwards (which way - to the left or right in that picture?) and go through the roof? That must be a good 2 to 3 metre run of pipe - again very flexible.

    You'd have been very unlucky to have damaged the pipe, .

    Personally I'd wait to see some symptoms before worrying any further...
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  9. Hi @Devil's Advocate thanks for reaassuring me about the flex, its the clanking and the unknown attachments the cowbody builder used to construct the pipes. Ive put red arrows to illustrate it where it travels. It will be impossible to notice symptoms as its all boxed in.
    The first picture shows it dissappearing into the boxing amongst a load of fibreglass, soil pipe out of sight but it branches off the soil grey waste pipe. could you tell me what symptoms i would need to be looking for, i live in a top floor flat, privately ownerd, thanks.
    pipe dissappears into boxing.jpg
    Next pic shows the boxing and the arrow it travels in
    boxed in one.jpg
    Next pic shows further along the boxing
    boxed iin.jpg
    last pic shows it leading out onto roof see mushroom vent in first pic, black lagged pipe is condensate pipe which discharges into it.
    dissappears onto roof mushroom vent red arrow.jpg
    Pleas could you advise what symptoms i should be looking for given that its all boxed in and i cant open boxing as there are electrical sockets on ti, hope arrows help direction of pipe

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  10. Still a bit worried as i dunno how i will find symptoms and what symptoms to look for? thanks

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