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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by lindersville, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. lindersville

    lindersville New Member

    thanks for your advice bathstyle

    was that your handy work in the original links as well? if so great post very helpfull.

    do you silicone the bottom of your aquapanel to the tray and then tank down to this line of silicone? or do you ever fill this gap with adesive and tank onto the tray?
  2. lindersville

    lindersville New Member

    just finished scraping all of the old silicone and grout off of the tray! my fingers hurt, mind you there is just enough strength left in them to poke the person who last tiled this shower in the eye ;)

    and to also type another question... due to removing the old plaster i am going to run a line of tiles along the side of the shower wall to cover up the danaged plaster which i had to remove.

    this is 2 year old skimed plaster with a couple of coats of white paint, can i just tile over the white paint or do i have to treat in any way?
  3. I used to seal the board to the tray with silicone then very carefully fit WP1 tape and tank it.

    Do what you can to get as much of the paint off as possible.
  4. lindersville

    lindersville New Member


    right ive just finished filling all of the gaps in the hardibacker which was quite tricky, i was in wickes buying a drill bit (as hardibacker blunted my old one) so i spent 3.99 on the tape.

    ive tried to feather it out as much as possible but its not as neat as i would like.... trouble is if you dont do it quick it drys out! bit of a catch 22! how this will not effect tanking to much

    any more top tips on tanking before i start....

    ps how many days do i have to leave now before tanking and how many days do i leave after tanking before tiling?
  5. overnight for each process is more than enough.
  6. lindersville

    lindersville New Member

    ok might sound a silly question but i cant find it on a search...

    and i dont remember how they were before

    im understand to set out the tiles on an avarage wall i mark a horizontal and vertical line making sure the tiles are not cut too small at the edges.

    do i do this on each of the 3 cubical walls or just the back wall and work my way out and around
  7. the horizontal is set for all three walls.

    Once you've set that, treat the verticals on each wall separately as to what works better for each, trying to avoid small cuts.

    I actually tile the back wall first so the tile overlaps on the inside corners are visually hidden.
  8. duncairn

    duncairn New Member

    BIG job this !!!!!!!!
  9. lindersville

    lindersville New Member

    thanks again mudster, going to start tanking in the next couple of days, havnt had a chance as looking after my little girl

    will let you know how i get on
  10. lindersville

    lindersville New Member

    for me this is a super big job duncairn!

    you offering to help? i will provide cups of tea! :)
  11. lindersville

    lindersville New Member

    mudster your previous post said

    ''I used to seal the board to the tray with silicone then very carefully fit WP1 tape and tank it''

    will the wp1 + tape adear to the tray? or do you just mean the tape covered in wp1 drops right down onto the tray sitting over the silicone?

    because i have never used this wp1 before i have no idea what it will stick to

    as you said the first 18'' are the most important so i realy want to get this seal right
  12. The tape isn't adhesive, it's a reinforcement for the liquid tanking.

    So you'd paint some of the tanking on (which is liquid latex, like a very thick paint, sit the tape in this, then apply more tanking solution.
  13. lindersville

    lindersville New Member

    so the liquid latex will stick to the silicone seal between the tray and board to create the seal at the bottom?
  14. lindersville

    lindersville New Member

    mudster your a star!!!! thanks for keeping so in touch with this thread your time is so appreciated

    another quicky for you.....

    do you let the first coat of wp1 dry before painting again? having never worked with liquid latex before i have no idea what it is going to be like..... how fast is it touch dry?
  15. duncairn

    duncairn New Member

    read the instructions, it does exactly what it says on the tin ! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  16. lindersville

    lindersville New Member

    heh duncairn im sorry im boring you....... if your not interested in this thread why are you reading it?

    i have got the box infront of me which i have read twice as i want to get this right, and no where on the box does it say if i have to let the first coat dry (or not) before giving a second coat. if i have missed this i am sorry.

    i use other forums which are in my field of experience and will gladly give advice to others on them who may seem to ask silly questions and i much appreiciate those of you that have helped me here

    you might find these sort of products so easy to deal with but unfortunatly i have no experence in them at all so the more info i get the better

    i just want to stop water driping onto my kitchen ceiling which upsets my other half greatly ! if i could afford a profesional to come in and do the job i would not be on here but unfortunatly im not that rich.
  17. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    Just paint the coating onto the corners etc then apply the tape, then paint over the tape and the rest of the area straight away.

    Tanking a complete shower is an hours work, if you follow the instructions that come with the product it really does tell you everything you need to know.

    Before you ask, vertical paint strokes tend to work better and using your right hand for painting is the preferred method for right handed people ;)
  18. duncairn

    duncairn New Member

    If you are right handed make sure you get a right handed paint brush though, very important.
  19. lindersville

    lindersville New Member

    cheers for help guys.

    ive only got a left handed brush, im sure they will let me change it tommorow

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