Help! Uneven counter top not flush

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Dave Silver, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Dave Silver

    Dave Silver New Member


    I've had a long standing issue that I haven't got round to resolving until now.

    A few years ago, I had a leak behind my kitchen; builders came and fixed it; but on replacing the counter top, they couldn't get it flush again with the corresponding countertop.

    At the time, I pointed it out but they basically said 'that's as high as it will go, sorry'.

    In hindsight I should have said 'well it was level before so why isn't it level now!? Make it good again!!'

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    Have pasted the images below.

    Any advice of how to fix it greatly received.

    I have tried 'lifting' the counter top with my hands to see if I could raise it up and then screw out the foot under the cabinet to raise up the level, but it won't budge.

  2. spen123

    spen123 Active Member

    That incorrectly fitted that's why.
    It needs removing and correctly fitting
  3. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Screwfix Select

    The main part of your problem is the word "Builders". It means what it says, they build. To give you an example, if i wanted my garden made over i wouldn't ask a builder to do it.
    In much the same way, i wouldn't use a builder to deal with a kitchen, i'd use a Kitchen fitter.
    As @spen123 has already said it needs taking out and re-fitting properly. But use a kitchen fitter this time, not a builder........................and defo not a mate of someone you met down the pub.
  4. Aj 2012

    Aj 2012 Member

    As others have said the joint isnt done correctly in the first place, but by the sounds if they wont be the people to fix it.

    At a house I moved into the work top was like that, I didnt have the money to sort it at the time so I used some metal fixing plates fitted underneath the joint and screwed into both sides, as you screw it, it pulled it flush.

    It was a temporary job until I replaced the whole kitchen.

    Problem you will have it could be like that because the rest of the kitchen isnt installed level so you will struggle either way!

    If it has proper clamps in already (which I doubt as they clearly dont have a router) , they will probably prevent any movement unless you back them off.

    Unfortunately it seems like you have had the wrong people fit it, and your probably going to have to get a fitter into to replace the top and possibly realign the previous work the builders have done!
  5. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Screwfix Select

    The biggest problem here is that the worktop itself is Granit. The length in itself could weigh half a ton and will need to be taken off. I don't fit granit, the various granit companys that we work with do that themselves. For Granit to look right though does mean that the base cabs absolutely have to be 100% level and flat.
  6. Aj 2012

    Aj 2012 Member

    I assumed it was laminate!

    My mistake it sounds
  7. Dave Silver

    Dave Silver New Member

    Thanks for comments.
    Yes it's granite
    To clarify, I didn't ask builders to fit a kitchen.
    There was leak in the wall, one of the main pipes for the building (it's a flat) that takes away the water from kitchen sinks and washing machine etc; the builders were hired to go into the wall and fix that pipe, which lay behind the kitchen. I didn't anticipate that they wouldn't able to refit the worktop flush and at the time I was more relieved that they had fixed the leak!!
  8. dray

    dray Member

    Not a kitchen fitter or builder but have had a similar problem with granite worktops. I suspect that will be a nightmare and expensive to take out and reset, with the hob and the length. The joint will also be holding the two pieces together so will need to be separated to move either one.

    Any chance that it is the other top that has moved or could be adjusted down? What does the spirit level tell you?

    Could there have been a packing piece below the granite between the carcass and the underside of the granite that was not put back in? If like mine which was installed by the granite providers, it may be glued down onto that unit so this will need to be eased before you will be able to lift just the top that small bit needed.
    Hope this helps and good luck with it.
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  9. Aj 2012

    Aj 2012 Member

    In that case disregard my comment and pay to have the company who fit the granite top to come back out to it.
  10. Dan Parkinson

    Dan Parkinson Active Member

    Ha. I was about to say the same. Granite lads, sort granite. No offense to any "builders" but i wouldn't let them anywhere near my worktops.
  11. Dave Silver

    Dave Silver New Member

    Very helpful comments and suggestions, thanks
  12. Dave Silver

    Dave Silver New Member

    I have improved it a lot - i got a wrench, took as much weight of the granite as I could on my other arm, and carefully twisted out the legs the cabinet is resting on. That pushed it up a mil or 2 and now it is much better - not perfect, probably 1mm out, but it wouldn't go any further and it's now much less noticeable. I decided to quit while I was ahead in case anything snapped! Thanks for comments!

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