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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by belladaisy2018, Apr 16, 2018.

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    Hi, recently bought a chandelier type light from Next which has 10 x 12v G4 Halogen bulbs. Had it on a dimmer and it sometimes came on, flickered and dimmed etc...very temperamental but we we weren't using the room at the time so no problem. Thought I'd change it to a normal on/off type comes on but only as much as you can see a very slight glow in the bulbs....any ideas? Thanks
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    Sounds like a loose connection at the rose side of things, would start there re checking everything is in tight
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    12v G4 bulbs would mean a transformer or other form of voltage conversion. A lot of the electronic converters are not compatible with mains dimmers - does the one fitted say it is? There is a possibility you have (partially) fried the converter.
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    Post a picture of the switch wiring. Sounds like the light worked (ish) before you changed it.
    You could try putting the dimmer back and seeing if it works better then.
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    This is the most likely problem, quartz bulbs work on the idea that the envelope is so hot tungsten will not be deposited on the envelope but back onto the filament, over time the filament thickness will vary and the bulb will open circuit, but either too hot or too cool with shorten bulb life so not suitable for dimming. Also with quartz bulbs there must be something to stop UV and hot bits from bulbs should they fail with ionisation and release white hot bits.

    The MR16 units have a glass protector built in, and this also controls bulb temperature better, so although you should not really dim them, you can often get away with it as long as not dimmed too much. The G4 bulb normally has a separate globe to surround the bulb and catch white hot bits, but keeping the temperature spot on is not as easy. The problem is G4 is also available as LED, and as LED there is no need for anything to catch white hot bits. It is also available as both 12 volt and 230 volt, so could have a transformer, but also could be direct connect to mains. And of course one can fit the wrong bulbs.

    When we went to select new lights, my wife was told in no uncertain terms if it uses G4 its not going to be fitted. They are accidents waiting to happen.
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