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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by dewaltdisney, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. Mr MAN

    Mr MAN New Member

    Go on then, I'll let you into my little secret and keep it between yourselves.

    If Al-yeti gets hold of this he'll probably have only 1 word to say (I quote) "Infidel".

    I've been senior tech support guy for a rather large Blue Chip company for about the past 5 years - previous companys include the likes of IBM, ComputaCentre, Memorex, GECITS (UK), etc a long list of them I'm afraid, but, then that means a whole load of experience in the bundle.

    Basically at the moment we have 3 lines of support as follows:-
    * 1st line - the guys who answer phone and can reset passwords.
    * 2nd line - the guys who can talk you through reinstalling drivers etc when you have a problem.
    * 3rd line - the server guys and real techies!! who are suppost to resolve everything under the sun.

    Where do I fit you ask - basically nowhere, I'm the bit in between the 3rd line and people like Microsoft (call it 4th line).

    My basic remit at the moment is :- "If it's broke fix it and sod the cost just come back when it's done!!".
    So I deal with everything from a director in Athens with a battey that won't charge (cos he has not plugged it in!!) to SAN/EVA storage failures anywhere in Europe, application development and all sorts - oh the joy!!!!!

    Anyway, I ramble, thanks for the compliment Markybob and just wondering is your problem finally sorted then? Also, DWD - how goes it for you mate, any progress to report for us?

  2. dewaltdisney

    dewaltdisney New Member

    Hi Mr. M,

    Impressive experience trail there, no wonder you know what you are on about.

    The latest is that I am hoping to borrow a laptop from a mate I play football with and I am seeing him tonight. I will have it for a couple of days but Thursday I am running a Polling station so I will be gone from 6.00am to 11.00pm missing the drop out zone. So I have only got wednesday to try to spot it so hopefully this will prove the BT connection.

    I will come back with the results, and thanks for your continued interest.

  3. Markybob

    Markybob New Member

    Hi Mr MAN, have been away for a week unexpectedly, playing catchup now so no time to mess with it. Whilst way the wife dowloaded winnamp which must have some kind of buffer, it plays without the skipping (still skips on other players). Network is fine, just have to remember to switch in and out of the firewall to kick it in to life. Will flash my BIOS, just as soon as things calm down a bit. Still can't sort the website, just will not publish, narrowed it down to something about it liking NTFS partitions or the like,,,, not FAT32

    Mean anything?
  4. dewaltdisney

    dewaltdisney New Member

    Hi Mr. M,

    Isn't it F**** typical my DSL did not drop once yesterday and again today it has not dropped. I have a Dell laptop waiting to plug in but it is a pointless test if my line is not dropping.

    Sunday it was terrible dropping every couple of minutes and now it is perfect.

    I just do not understand this at all. I have to return the Dell tonight so unless it plays up in the next couple of hours nothing will be proven.

  5. Mr MAN

    Mr MAN New Member

    Guy's - had a few bad days - my apologies.....

    DWD, this is good on my part actually, if you have not had problems on certain days between 9-5 then there is more proof that the fault is BT and not software or hardware related to your PC - basically I think there is an intermittent fault with the BT line that somebody somewhere will have to find for you. Not easy I know but there is not a lot more I can say. I bet 99% that this it a BT problem...... If you're really lucky then a man messing around in the local box (or up a pole) one day might spot a loose wire and re-seat it for you and all of your problems will go away....

    MBob - NTFS, you are running XP or 2K I think - then you should be using NTFS as your file system, if not then either convert it or rebuild so you are. Don't forget you're net connected and therefore people can access your system (given the appropriate circumstances) if you don't.
    Anyway this publishing thing, I think that you'll be logged on as a local administrator (as this is default for a workstation) so again I think probably talk to your ISP about this. The NTFS issue is more likely to be their end - you've basically been granted user (read-only rights) and not the Author (read/write) rights you require.

    Long few days - hope this all makes sense......

    Let me know how it goes guys......

  6. bilco

    bilco New Member

    I had a problem like that...eventually I got a lot of noise on the phone too and then it went altogether...found a broken wire in BT's incomer.

    I too found it related to specific times and put it down to isp during peak traffic...perhaps it was voltage fluctuation/drop off during heavy line usage.
  7. Mr MAN

    Mr MAN New Member


    Yep - that's the sort of thing I'm thinking about here, cable and not isp or client.

    I'm sure DWD will have to have a bit of a fight with BT over this one...

    DWD - wishing you luck for that...... BT are pants!!!!!

  8. dewaltdisney

    dewaltdisney New Member

    Hi again,

    The latest is that it has not dropped once in any session I have had since Tuesday. The only thing I can think of on the software side is that I left the PC running on standby during the day when I normally shut it down and reboot for each session. I wonder if this has had an influence?

    From the other standpoint I wonder if the hot weather has caused some expansion in the wiring and this has made better connectivity?

    I will keep you informed of developments.

    Someone joked in an earlier post that it might be a vindictive BT worker turning my line on and off, could they be right????

  9. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    helllooo d w d

    just send an email saying all bt employees
    are mastibators if it drop out you know
    its manual interferance if not

    he probably is one

    big all
  10. dewaltdisney

    dewaltdisney New Member

    Ha Ha Big All, the fact that my DSL has not dropped out is that they have been otherwise engaged. Has the June edition of Asian Babes come out?

  11. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    it must be so frustraiting d w d

    the time you most need help
    you cant get on line to get it
    or does it only drop out
    sporadicly for short times

    big all
  12. dewaltdisney

    dewaltdisney New Member

    No BA, I can always get online it is just that the connection drops and I have to connect again. It only takes seconds but it is extremely annoying when it drops out every few minutes.

  13. Mr MAN

    Mr MAN New Member

    You 2 do piant a fine picture of this litle BT man sat on his fat butt watching movies and reading dirty mags - and then when he's nothing better to do, filcking a switch to wind up DWD......

    No drops since Tuesday is good but now you've passed that laptop back again they are bound to come back.

    DWD, it's very unlikely that standby or hibenation could have any influence here but in the IT world stranger things have happened.....

    Temperature is also unlikely to cause this but then you never know, most manufacturers make the equipment to run at extrems i.e. -40 to +120 or daft figures like that anyway (cant be bothered looking it up but it will be in the Compaq handbook, normally at the back under Technical Specifications). Again - stranger things have happened.

    Here is one then:

    Many years ago we had a comms problem on a site that we could not work out - we called in BT many times and they reported no fault. Eventually we told BT to put a sniffer on the line and sit and watch it - which they did for a very large sum of money.
    Little Mr BT man sat in his little stripy tent in the snowy conditions (with his mags) all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and saw no problem, they asked if they could stop and we said "No, you must stay and watch until we are satisfied". Days later (on the Thursday) we saw the little BT man jumping with joy because he had seen a drop out...... We asked what it was and he had no idea.....

    Well, to cut the story short some 3 weeks later BT were laying a new fibre cable under the road because the line cuts were happening when there was a cue of lorries going over the fibre and moving it very slightly, this had caused a tiny crack in the cable somewhere and basically the light escaped and our site comms fell over. We eventually worked out that this was only happening when about 3 lorries went over the line one after the other which obviously made it worse to find.

    BT didn't eventually charge for the little man in the tent or the new cable.....

    Like I said - strange things happen.....

    Mr Man
  14. Mr MAN

    Mr MAN New Member

    Forgot to mention - the story got worse.......

    A couple of weeks later after the site had been running perfectly we had a complete comms blackout and again called BT.

    It seems that a little Irish man with a digger had been doing a cash job for his mate and digging a hole for him - he was getting £50 for the job as it was only a couple of hours work. You guessed it - straight through the new fibre that BT had laid.

    Some 8 hours (and 9 BT vans later) the fibre was sorted and the little Irish man was presented a £10k bill from BT - the poor sod.

    Mr Man....
  15. dewaltdisney

    dewaltdisney New Member


    Well, something strange happened as my DSL has not dropped out once since last Tuesday!!

    All I can think of is that some repair work has been done by BT on the lines somewhere and this has fixed my problem.

    I just cannot figure it out.

    Now I have written this I will tempt fate and it will fall over. I will report back in due course.

  16. Mr MAN

    Mr MAN New Member


    Been watching this - any more advances.....
    Cheers m8

    Mr Man.....
  17. dewaltdisney

    dewaltdisney New Member

    Hi Mr Man,

    It is still working fine thanks, not dropped out once in over a week now. After reading your post about the problems with the BT fibre optic line, I wonder if it was something similar. I cannot think it was anything I have done that would have fixed it. Still, I really do expect it to go again at sometime as it was playing up fro so long, perhaps when the weather cools down?

    I will come back with an update so have a look back from time to time.

    By the way, I thought the football threads have been hilarious.

  18. Mr MAN

    Mr MAN New Member

    And the football threads have got so much more on tonight - well worth a read!!


    p.s. I don't think Santa likes me!!!!
  19. bloomers

    bloomers New Member

    You seem to have a problem with your internet/modem settings rather than a problem with your line. Check the settings for your modem using start, settings, control panel, modems and ensure that it is not set to disconnect after a certain time. This can also be achieved by opening Internet Explorer and going to the Tools, Internet Options tab and check the same settings!
  20. dewaltdisney

    dewaltdisney New Member

    Thanks for your interest Bloomers but I have it set at 59 minutes. My line has been perfect now for a week and a half, so fingers crossed, after suffering for two years with line drop outs it is the best it has ever been.


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