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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by dewaltdisney, Jun 1, 2004.

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  2. dewaltdisney

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    Hi Mr Man,

    It has started paying up again. Since the weather cooled down the drop outs have started again. It must be related as the service has been perfect for the last three weeks and as soon as the wind and rain started so my connection started playing up. Dropped out whilst writing this, bast.

    Not sure what to do next, I suppose i will have to go to BT!!

  3. Mr MAN

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    DWD - bad news then, to be honest I expected you to come back sooner than this. In my view if you've had a perfectly good system now for a few weeks then your PC is fine, I really don't see how it can be that....

    BT, I'm afraid then and probably they will have to replace a wire or 2 to get to the bottom of it.....

    Wish you luck mate but from the other side of the sf forum there is not a lot more I can do.....


    Mr Man.....
  4. dj.

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    i seem to have a very similar set-up to you. it has now been online for 11 days, no re-start, no shut-down. permanently on and networked too.

    i can't answer your problems but wind and rain rings bells to me. (sorry no pun intended) it seems fine in good weather, but when it's windy!!!
    think it's a cable problem as you stated in your last.
    get BT out because they are not providing the service that you are paying for.

  5. TonkaToy

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    If you get no joy from BT initially, then record names and ask for the problem to be escalated to a supervisor or manager - that sometimes produces results. I'll lay odds that theres a poorly sealed joint box somewhere.

    You could also claim that voice calls or fax calls were being interrupted by the problem and that should produce results. If they aren't helpful, then stick with the voice call interruption argument, and remind them of their USO (universal service obligation). This is imposed on them by legislation, and requires that they provide reliable voice service and data up to either 1200KB/s or 2400KB/s (I can't remember which offhand.
  6. diysurgeon

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    Not sure how you are getting on with your disconnection problem. I have had a similar problem. Disconnection at 5pm every night. The connection would only last 5 minutes. This was around last Christmas. I kept a log of times and dates (i'm an anorak - helped with evidence when complaining to BT). The my wifes came up with the answer - what did we do at 5pm every night that we didnt do during the day! Turned on a set of out side, flashing christmas lights!! Other static Christmas lights didnt cause a problem. When these were not turned off the problem went away. Thought this might be useful

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