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  1. Nicola Mcculloch

    Nicola Mcculloch New Member

    Got new patio door and double glass window with oak woodwork window sill and surround. In this cold weather there is condensation on he glass in the morning on the glass. Not the whole glass but quite a lot round about it. So every morning I need to dry the glass but my wood is getting wet
  2. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Screwfix Select

    Reduce the moisture in the air inside the house. If you have not already done this you can, 1/ fit an extractor hood over the cooker to outside, 2/ fit an extractor to outside over the shower or bath, 3/ do not dry washing on the radiators.
  3. Knight Rider

    Knight Rider Member

    Is the wood finished with a varnish, or left bare?
    Moisture in the air will condense on cold surfaces.
    You can't eliminate the moisture in the air, on an average day, there will be considerable moisture in the air inside the building.

    As Bob Rathbone said, don't add any additional moisture unnecessarily. You could also use a dehumidifier in that room to reduce the humidity further. You may see some imporovement in days or it may take weeks. Another simple action is to increase air flow in that area.

    To provide any more specific advice, much gretaer deatiail is required on your particular circumstances, e.g age of house, heating system, number of occupants, use of that room, other background ventialtion appliances, etc.

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