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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by sally green, Jan 9, 2022.

  1. sally green

    sally green Active Member

    I want my fence done and the man that did one of siblings fences came over for a quote.
    He told us that he was busy for months in advance now as he and others like him
    in the building trade could not get the help they sued to get, EG, pick up guys from
    outside various DIY stores. He cited that many had gone back home since March 2020.

    I noted helpers with other trades on our road especially when people were getting their drive in or redone.
    Even roofers had helpers and one of ex BF's states the same he is an odd job man, a lazy one and he'd often
    pay someone cash in hand for his bigger jobs as he often did a small job and got a bigger job from the same people.

    FYI. I will be paying the guy the price agreed (no price agreed as yet as he said materials were shooting up)
    and I will pay him cash or via bank but will certainly get a receipt, what he does with the money is his choice.
    He said the locals were not interested in in the 7/8 pounds per 7 hour day and he told me it was above the minimum pay rate for the under 21's I think.

    I've heard similar stories over Christmas from family friends not being able to get the builders in and/or ridculously high quotes and many not bothering to return calls etc and citing materials were shooting up and often not on the shel as before.

    I rng fried in the Midlands and one in Leeds and talking about doing up the house/etc everyone was saying the same, IE can't get hold of builders, prices of everything up including labour rates locals not wanting to be a builders mate/labouring etc.

    I also went via a website for quotes on new gutters/and those side and top boards no onne has bother to come back other than one that gave me a price of 5k inc materials. Looking up the materials and they could be the cheapest of the cheap if should be no more than 1k.

    Is it the same where you are? Btw, around where we live plumbers have always been expensive ever since the man that my parents and we used packed up working and he was 100% trust worth and just recalled, he too had a couple of helpers and one was a regular, they did a good job
  2. ElecCEng

    ElecCEng Screwfix Select

    If you’re not willing to pay a decent wage you won’t get decent workers. Amazon will pay 12.50 and hour to stand around putting things in boxes…
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  3. sparko69

    sparko69 Screwfix Select

    Why do you think anyone would be interested in working 7 hours for £49?
    Would you do it?
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  4. ElecCEng

    ElecCEng Screwfix Select

    Nor should we be fixing the problem by importing people from elsewhere willing to work for that…

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  5. sally green

    sally green Active Member

    Not everyone wants to work in a warehouse I guess and/or have a drivers licence or work 12 hours *****, 4 on 4 off from 6 in the morning to 7pm
    There number of times I've head young people not having the "experience or work" - so if they worked as labour etc at least they can have a reference etc and most of all many pick up a trade and started off as a mate/helper/labour. I looked at the min pay for 18 year old's its 6.56p. For those below the age of 18 it's less.

    I wanted to work in ??? but was always told I'd had no experience of working with "people" so you know what I did, ys, that's right I worked for nothing ie volunteer work.

    My question was not about what you deem to be low pay but if people were getting the same messages in their areas.
  6. ElecCEng

    ElecCEng Screwfix Select

    I recently took someone on at £9.50 an hour. I doubt i would have got any responses for less
  7. sparko69

    sparko69 Screwfix Select

    You are actually breaking the law by selfishly trying to recruit desperate people for below minimum pay and no health and safety etc.
    This is 2022 do you think crowds of anonymous desperate men hanging around DIY stores at 7 am is something that should be encouraged? You are causing legitimate traders issues. You are also trying to operate in an underground economy with no paper trail.
    Stop being so selfish and pay people fairly for a fair days work.
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  8. sally green

    sally green Active Member

    From a website, link below. Looking in to it today even I though the min wage was higher

    National Minimum Wage & National Living Wage Changes:
    From 1 April 2021, National Minimum Wages and National Living Wage Rates will increase as follows: From £8.72 to £8.91 per hour for workers aged 23 and over. From £8.20 to £8.36 an hour for workers aged 21 – 22. From £6.45 to £6.56 an hour for workers aged 18 – 20.

    National Minimum Wage Rate and Age Changes 2021 | Mitchell ›


    As I said, when I was younger and eager to get into a certain line of work, I worked for nothing ir volunteer work,
    You may recall 'job experience' work funded by us the tax payers that paid a lot less and the only experience some people got was being paid less for stacking shelves, fillings orders, working is fast food, etc etc.

    When ever I hire a builder etc, I'm happy to pay them in cash all depends on the amount but I will always demand and agree a receipt beforehand.

    What I have heard for myself and people I have spoken to that people from other countries came over and some just wanted extra work and less likely were some that were claiming to be out of work and wanting a few quid extra but everyone has seen it in London and other built up places where you just know that the side kicks are being paid cash in hand. However, this does not just go on with the slef employed and/or small buisness but larger sites in the past had people coming to them via some dodgy recruitment sites.

    Its been on tv that farmers cant get the labour, why is that you think - well, it's because locals do not want to work for 7/8/9 or even 10 pounds an hour. Ask yourselves why there is a shrtgae of workers in the building, hospitality, carers, farming etc etc.

    I don't agree with people paying people who avoid taxes etc as I pay my taxes but I also want a job done at a fair price and sadly too many trades are taking the micky by using the virus, leaving the eu and lack of labour to massively increase prices.

    I recall a couple of months back my parents had a leaky tap, one of those with those funny cylinders in it and quarter turn, ie not the old style rubber washer. Dad undid the tap but found it baffling and not wanting to trouble the family he called a couple of plumbers and told them they could fix at any time over the next couple of weeks. The best price he got was 100 quid inc vat plus parts and theworrying bit is if the plummber did not have the part as many say they don't, dad would have been charged an x amount per half hour. He told one of my siblings and they had a look bought a couple of those things that fit inside and one of those fitted the tap so changed both the hot and cold took him just over an hour to get the parts, fit new ones and he is no plumber. Prices around London are crazy
    and you just cant get the trades at reasonable rates.

    What I learnt is ask for a FIXED price and make clear if a trade wants to go out and waste your time and charge you loads more, dont go for them
    Every job I get done is fixed price beforehand and I/we tell them what it entails. That reminds me, my sister had problems with her new washing machine and felt she needed a longer pipe about 4 inches longer. As they work they told the plumber, sent him pictures, measures etc but not that of the diameter of the pipe. The clown turned up and had to use about 4 feet of new pipe but then noted the joint was a slightly different size, that too was plastic. The plumber said he needed to go out and my BiL just happened to ask the clown if that will cost him more and the relpy was staggering "yes..I have to locate, buy, pay takes time can take over an hour and may cost you another ??? pounds plus vat" BIL politely reminded the plumber that a price was agreed for a bit of work and any half decent plumber would have small plastic pipes in the van especially when advised re job and refused to pay anything id job not completed as agreed. Guess what, the plumber managed to find a joint in his van no extra charge.

    No one wants to pay extra or be fooled so demand a quote if you can and don't fall for the rubbish "others would charge more" and never pay up front, never unless massive job and pay in agreed stages.

    Re the builder/fencer I spoke with - at least he is paying his workers above the minum wage but still cant get interest.

    I recall watching the news that some larger employers take the mick as well

    Bottom lines

    Always demand a quote if possible and this can include additional items as unforeseen.

    Always be clear and have in writing how and when to pay and receipt required at the point of payment.

    Always get start and finish dates in writing especially on smaller projects eg like the fence we are getting done

    Always in writing the materials/brands to be used

    A quote is a quote and if they do anything without your consent, dont pay if you feel its not right

    Its not just some builders/trades paying cash in had but some shops, places to eat, farmers, cabs, pubs, places to eat etc etc.

    If you get work done, take 3 quotes at least, don't fall for their rubbish and if you are not confident when seeking a quote get family or friend to help you.

    Btw, around where we live within 20 mins of driving a mass of warehouses paying between 8+ and 13 pounds and hour mostly via agency work - with the millions unemployed you'd think they'd have enough workers but oh no

    People will always want to work for cash in hand for many reasons I guess, so unless we stop those employing the cash in had lot it will go on and on IMO
  9. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    Thought you walked away from never did answer Woodbutchers question! :(
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  10. longboat

    longboat Screwfix Select

    This makes me all the more content that 99% of my work comes via recommendation, you still get the odd nutter but thankfully they are extremely rare.
    Good luck getting a tradesman for your fencing!
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  11. sparko69

    sparko69 Screwfix Select

    No real tradesman would ever go to the DIY store early in the morning to recruit 'helpers'.
  12. longboat

    longboat Screwfix Select

    Quite right, sparko. Only the cowboys would do that and therefore the OP will likely be back on here in a few weeks complaining about the poor standard of workmanship.
    She's worth it.
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  13. sparko69

    sparko69 Screwfix Select

    I'm not attacking anyone for trying to improve their life but there is something very wrong when people are buying designer fridges and expensive fittings and wanting to pay someone £7 per hour to install them.
  14. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    It's the me, me, me mentality. :(
  15. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    I certainly have done when starting out and for a couple of years after, as the country was in a horrific recession and it was that or starve as there was bugger all about. And if required, whilst it wouldn't sit very well with me, I would certainly work for that again or shovel shat to make ends meet, if I had to. In the current climate there's a surplus of work and a shortage of good blokes so money and quotes are being thrown about almost gratuitously, for the record I don't do it and I don't agree with exploiting anyone but there are instances where a pair of hands is needed for a day or two but the work required isn't worth £80 for the day, for example.
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  16. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Screwfix Select

    No....................and she never will answer it either.
    There have been enough peeps that have have gone from the site because of her posts @Astramax. Best just not to engage and don't answer her posts, it's not worth it. Comment yes, but don't answer.
  17. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    Yes, the forum is far less an enjoyable place without woodbutchers posts and photos of his work which truly showed his passion for his trade and immaculate finishes he achieved. :)
  18. Bazza-spark

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    And yet the troll still gets through.

    Laughable beyond belief.
  19. Bazza-spark

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    So I now have a Troll following me, with no way to block him, only ignore him.

    @screwfix.peter you really need to sort this. First time posters should require admin approval. Without it he will continue. Don't you think he has run rings round you all for long enough?

    Ban me if you wish, but it will only show more failings in the moderation of the forum.
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  20. ElecCEng

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    In the same post you’ve stated you would never avoid paying tax or support those who do. And yet… you are willing to pay cash. Which for any reputable business is an absolute last resort. There are no reputable suppliers out there who deal in cash. Workers who want cash are paying approximately 0% income tax and NI. Companies that are eager to accept cash are just avoiding VAT…


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