Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by jj, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. jj

    jj New Member

    Lets see some quality (albeit more expensive) plumbing products from Hepworth especially their plastic hep20 range... http://www.hepworthplumbing.co.uk/ I have one local "stockist" and he has to order most of it in... I just don't trust "speedfit" not under my floors anyway :)
  2. Jamie

    Jamie New Member

    Polyplumb is just as good an alternative, and from what i've seen speedfit is actually more reliable.

    I've seen a kitchen ruined as a hep2o fitting split.
  3. Parky

    Parky New Member

    Speedfit have never let me down and they are currently updating some of their fittings so reliability and quality should be even better, If it needs to be push fit what about cuprofit although the range isnt large its good quality.
  4. ChrisWakey

    ChrisWakey New Member

    Have to agree speedfit has never let me down and the new range with the locking collars is even better. I have used speedfit on chrome pipe just roughing the ends with sand paper with no probs at all.
  5. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    i will strongly agree with the previous posting, speedfit are the better brand, as there is more "play" built into the fitting, i have also had several hep20 fittings fail, usually in inaccessable places too!!! were they are much to ridgid a fitting.... would just like to see the 22MM street elbows for monsoon pumps, and also the "BLACK" air line range featured.(i fit compressed air line systems now and then, in work shops, and what a boon!!!! especially as if you need to change the layout, you simply undo!!!)
  6. jj

    jj New Member

    When you say "fail" how and where on the fitting, and if they do fail in in-accessible places, how can you have been sure they were connected properly in the first place ?

    I'm certainly open to the suggestion of other manufacturers and will give it ago... I’ve never had a problem with Hep2o but I do use a good pipe cutter and re-silicone the “O” rings (and the obvious of pushing the fitting home fully)
  7. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    i have found on a few occasions that the metal grab ring has actually not been angled correctly, so when pressure is applied especially on the hot water feed/returns the fitting comes undone.or the other favorite of the hep range that we "USED" to use is that the threads can strip in again high pressure /hot runs, if you dismantle both and offer up the thread on the jg-speedfit seems deeper.
    and in regards to the inaccessible fittings, it's usually the one where once all coupled up under the floor, you stick the bath/hot water cylinder in place. and a few days/weeks later it has started to leak...never the ones where you can pop a flooor board and access to the fitting is easy... and from long standing teaching i do not ever do fittings either poly or copper if i can not see the fitting to do it up/solder it properly..
  8. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    another problem with hep fittings is that they can be over tightened, and if so the thread is no longer a strong grip, but on the latest speedfits the 1/4 turn collets pop back to indicate over tightening, but importantly the thread is still intact..thought i'd add this just after i posted the other

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