HGV Driver Shortage

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    Apologies for being the one to start the post on this issue…

    However, I have an HGV licence from a long time ago in a galaxy far away, but I wouldn’t want to use it. Mainly due to a hatred of driving in general and too much time away from home. Is there actually a driver shortage or actually just cr@p conditions/pay in the industry that are causing the problem?

    Would a FOI request to DVLA reveal that the UK is actually flush with qualified drivers, but it’s just not attractive enough an undertaking?

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    Seems simple enough to me ,if you pay enough money you don't have trouble recruiting staff. All these missing drivers haven't left the planet all of a sudden.
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    So what about these 25% pay rises that the haulage industry is crowing about? Or the £70k per year tanker drivers are supposed to be earning ?

    My thoughts (FWIW) is that the younger generation of potential drivers just don't see the prospect of sleeping in a truck bunk for a week at a time whilst being away from their wives/girlfriends/mates/kids as being a particularly attractive career - especially when including aspects such as cleaning your teeth out of a mineral water bottle in a layby and taking a dump in a bush whilst parked up overnight miles from nowhere because you've run out of tacho time. Who could blame them?

    Couple that with VOSA, CPC and everything else, and it doesn't look terribly attractive.

    I must admit though, that the offer of a brand-new V8 730-horsepower Scania might tempt me if I was 25 again ......
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    Its the conditions that are making people jump ship.
  5. Good money is available in this career but the conditions and lifestyle are terrible. Trying to stay healthy is challenging unless you are very well organised and disciplined. Parking costs in services are ridiculous and the food costs from services are eye-watering. Couple that with the tacho-nightmare that woodbutcherbower mentions above and you might think working in a supermarket is a better life. HGV drivers have been underpaid for years but the salaries are not the only things that need improvement.
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    Add to that harebrained schemes designed by local councils and likes of TFL, seemingly designed to cause long jams . Their logic (based on the beliefs that people drive around for pleasure) is to make driving as unpleasantly possible so drivers give up. Only problem is no one is doing it for pleasure, let alone any commercial vehicle. As an example, the A24 running through london has been narrowed to such a point that two large lorries (or even TFL’s own buses) cannot pass each other and worse, when buses stop, no one can go past them. HGV drivers have always hated large cities but london tops the lot.

    Once you have struggled into London, delivering and then getting out could take hours! With no guarantee of getting home in time, and nowhere to even park for a while, it’s no wonder no one wants a job driving in london.
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    This Irish lad (great channel btw) pretty much nails it.

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