Hiding join between upstand and worktop

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    Hi guys,

    First post here and hoping to get some advice. Firstly I’m a DIYer doing a tidy up of an existing kitchen. I’ve fitted new solid wood worktops and matching solid wood upstands onto existing carcasses. But I’m not too happy with the fit of the upstands. I think a combination of non level worktops and slightly bowed upstands has left me with gaps in places between the worktop/ upstand. Was looking for advice on how best to fill this? Maybe a colour matched silicone? I’ve already attached to the walls with adhesive so removal isn’t really an option.
    thanks in advance!
  2. What is the colour of the worktop and wall? We had similar situation with our granite, caused by ***** plastering. I stuck some gap sealer down the back and then flex silicone around it. Looked good tbf, think you think more of it when installing it
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    Solid light oak and matching upstand! I’ve actually just stuck some translucent silicone round it and it looks a lot better than I thought it would. So all good!
  4. Nice, thats what I did on the back of my sink which had board and batten wood behind so couldn't get a clean line and it looks smart

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