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Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by aiwnjoo, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. aiwnjoo

    aiwnjoo New Member

    Hi everyone,

    1.Living room: Dulux Easycare (Matt - Goose Down)
    2.Bathrooms: Dulux Trade Bathroom+ (Soft Sheen - Blue Lagoon)
    3.Bedrooms: Wallpapered
    4.Kitchen: Dulux Kitchen (Matt - Lime Sorbet)
    5.Staircase,Hallways,Landing: Dulux Easycare (Matt - Pure Brilliant White)
    6.Skirtings: Dulux Satinwood Once (Pure Brilliant White, oil based)

    Above is what my house is currently painted with, 5/6 are the issue areas I need help with.

    My landing, stairs and hallway is current painted with Easycare PBW and although I love the finish of Matt, its not very easy caring, it is wipable but scratches is the most common issue in this busy area so I am forever having to touch up areas (corner to corner method) as I have slight OCD when it comes to paint and blemishes on walls.

    I have recently (Not yet used) bought the Dulux Trade Diamond Matt as was hoping this would give a tougher finish similar to how the Bathroom+ finish is, this is scratch proof and I have never needed to touch it up before, however it has a sheen to it and not really designed for stairways.

    I am wondering if I should return the Diamond Matt and switch to Eggshell for extra protection in terms of scratches, and I can also use this paint on my skirtings which is my next problem. I have read though that touching up is a nightmare on Eggshell but as it will have a tougher finish I won't be touching up as often plus I always paint corner to corner rather than touching up. Thoughts?

    Second problem;

    Its a new build house and they used oil based paint (Dulux Satinwood but the earlier generations without the triangle). I want to completely avoid a high gloss oil based paint because the yellowing is horrendous in just over a year being there. Would you recommend Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell or Layland Trade version?

    Thankyou all.
  2. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    Ocd you say :) Benjamin moore regal all walls matt but arua in the bathroom and woodwork in scuff-x eggshell or satin. As near as bullet proof as you can get with paint. Worth every penny imo
  3. aiwnjoo

    aiwnjoo New Member

    I've opened the diamond Matt and done a little test painting around a light switch then did the key test which is sliding very lightly a key across the paint. It scratched like it does on the easy care albeit less. The bathroom+ doesn't do that at all so looks like I need to get the eggshell?

    I don't think any matt paint will survive the key test?

  4. Astramax

    Astramax Well-Known Member

    How long was the Diamond Matt left before the key test was done?
  5. aiwnjoo

    aiwnjoo New Member

    Just tried it now so a good 12 hours after application. The scratch was there but just seemed to vanish after rubbing my finger on it where as the remainder of the key mark on the old easycare did rub off but took more work and a bit of paint flaked.

    So it does work although I’m now not convinced I need to repaint this whole area as scratches are few and far between.

    My remaining issue is the woodwork, I’m looking into leyland acrylic eggshell but I’ve heard I need to prime first or the water based paint won’t take to the current oil based deluxe satinwood.

    If I sand well should it be fine?

  6. LEH

    LEH Active Member

    If you read the data sheet for diamond Matt you’ll see it takes up to seven (iirc) days to reach full durability. That said I feel it’s better against marks, stains etc than scratches/getting banged, at least in my house.

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