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    I am currently pricing up for replacing the garage at the bottom of my garden, I am looking at making a garage approx. 7m x 7.5m with a hipped roof, this will then be slated to match the surrounding properties.
    Once I have the plans drawn up I will be getting quotes from various trades for the different parts of the build, but at the moment I am just working out a rough budget.

    How much approximately would it cost for a joiner to make a hipped roof of these dimensions, it would have to be be strong enough for welsh slate and also be complete with sarking boards and have 2 vellum windows fitted? (vellum windows will be purchased by myself prior)

    Also How long would a job like this take to complete?
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    Vellum windows will rot out very quickly....due to the fact it only good for writing on.
    If I were you i would use Velux windows as they are more sturdy.
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