Historic cottages - designer extensions

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by sospan, Jan 29, 2019.

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    Pug ugly.

    Where as if done nicely can look ok.


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    This one from the Georg Clarke amazing spaces TV show which is a stair case to the upper floors. The planers actually rejected a stone build one because it blended in too well then a glass box because it was too modern but the planners liked this :

  3. And they tried to say the shed on your earlier link looked out of place.
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    Clearly some planner took to much LSD in the 60s. :p:p
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    Had this issue with the Shropshire planners when I was building my house. It is a rebuild of a 16th century stone and half timber cottage with an extra wing as big as the original. They wanted the new wing in wood, as you would see with a barn, and the link between the two should be a glass tunnel, 'To allow you to read the building'. (BS). Eventually built the extra wing in brick and the glass tunnel became brick and half timber.
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  6. The glass tunnels/links that they try to insist on really spoil and marr the look of the nice old buildings.
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    I know someone who had a lovely old house and she wanted to extend it in keeping, however the planners said the extension had to be glass and aluminium to differentiate. They are as daft as the folks who think modern art is the bees knees
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    I can understand how you feel, maybe I'm being way too romantic but I feel the same about interior design. It was very sad to see villas in Côte d'Azur like this during my last trip there. I mean look at this gigantic mirror.

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    That is like strapping a tupperware box to a Faberge Egg
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    Why can’t we see your reflection?
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