Hive active heating thermostat. Suitability?

Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by billfromarran, Jan 31, 2021.

  1. billfromarran

    billfromarran Active Member

    Morning, I am thinking about replacing the existing C/H controls with a Hive system.
    on the S/Fix site it says suitable for Gas and LPG. however my boiler is an oil fired combi(worcester 12/18)
    Is there any reason that it will not be suitable for this? I don't think it should be an issue, but would welcome any views.
    Also, we have a very poor mobile signal.. sometimes non-existant ,but have good broadband .Is this a problem? can it be operated using the internet rather than by phone?
  2. robgul

    robgul Active Member

    I would guess that Screwfix have just quoted Hive's blurb ... as they would say gas wouldn't they as it's owned by British Gas? - I can't see an issue, just need to get the combi version of Hive but you could ask on the Hive Community forum.

    In the building Hive has its own version of wifi (zigbee) where the hub connected to your BB router talks to the wiring centre at the boiler and thermostat - you can control it from the Hive app on a phone/tablet using your wifi - or with a web browser on a PC. So no "internet" signal required in the building.

    Away from the building the phone app will work via an internet connection (or someone else's wifi)

    We've had Hive in two houses now - one combi, one not - excellent . . . especially if you add the light bulbs and plug/sockets.
  3. billfromarran

    billfromarran Active Member

    That's great Rob, many thanks. I will get going with it.
  4. MGW

    MGW Screwfix Select

    I would say Hive is better suited to oil than gas, as few oil boilers modulate or have any option for ebus control, but gas boilers often have the option for ebus control and Hive does not.

    Hive also has the option to work with gravity circulated DHW which is common with oil boilers. Not seen a gas boiler with that for years.

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