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  1. Christo80

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    Hi I just bought a hive heating thermostat, I noticed it needs 5 wires installed live, neutral, earth, heating on, heating off, I have removed my old thermostat and it’s only got 4 wires live, neutral, earth and 1 that says call, any ideas where call goes, won’t let me add pic of old wires, saying it’s to big

  2. Teki

    Teki Screwfix Select

    Connect call to terminal 3 on the Hive. You may also need to link L to 1. Which thermostat are you replacing?

    Try this site to reduce your image size:
  3. Christo80

    Christo80 New Member

    I thought that was how to do it, cheers for the advice on the pics as well I’ve uploaded them now

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  4. Teki

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    You will need a link wire between L and terminal 1.
  5. Christo80

    Christo80 New Member

    Cheers thanks for your help
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