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    I hope I can enlist the help of some of the kind experts who read these pages.

    I have bought a Hive Active Heating system to connect to my Ideal Logic Combi 24. I thought it might be a relatively easy matter as the system is already fitted with a Altech Thermostat in living room. Unfortunately I am a bit lost now after I've disassembled it.

    Included is an image of the present connections to the thermostat. Brown lead is attached to the L connector. Its showing some strange (110) Voltage. Black leads is connected to SL connector. Obviously the last one is just connected to earth tether. The last one (gray) isn't connected at all.

    I assume as there is N (neutral) missing there is no way to connect my receiver there. Am I right ?

    That's a view on my connections in a boiler. Unfortunately current thermostat is in a different room ~12m from a boiler and all wires from boiler to thermostat aren't accessible.

    The other issue I am having is a fact that accidentally I've bought Hive Thermostat with a Dual Channel Receiver. I can easily return it and but Single Channel. Nevertheless I've read that it might be possible to still use Dual Channel Receiver.

    From this, could someone please let me know what are my possibilities ? Is there any option to connect Hive Receiver in a place where my current thermostat is ? If not and I have to connect Receiver directly to a boiler, should I order Single Channel Receiver or I can use the one I already have ? Before some people will criticize me and advise to get some engineer to do it for me. Yes I will but once I will be sure that Receiver has to be connected directly to boiler and there aren't any other options. But if that will be a case I have to still know which type of receiver I have to have before I'll book engineer appointment.

    Sorry for my poor English. I am trying my best :)

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