Hole behind radiator. What to do?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Jennie21, Jun 14, 2021.

  1. Jennie21

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    Hi all. I'm hoping that maybe someone with knowledge of these kinds of problems might be able to please provide some advice. Apologies its a long one but want to cover all details for accuracy.

    Last summer during lockdown we redecorated the spare room in the house (didn't most people!). We rarely used the room and only then noticed the radiator in there had gone sort of crackled (but not flaky) and was a bit brownish in the crackly bits.

    There was also a vertical hairline crack from under the window sill above that went down behind the rad. It's tiny so we just filled over and painted over that as figured it's just the plaster. We didn't take the radiator off to paint behind it or anything.

    This might be irrelevant but when last winter hit it became apparent the rad wasn't heating. That just turned out to be a stuck valve and I sorted it out with a pair of pliers. All the other radiators in the house have been OK, paint still good and heating well etc.

    I recently decided to sand down, prime and enamel the radiator when I thought I felt a draft.

    I peered down behind the radiator and seen that where the hairline crack finished a wider crack started and then below that a fairly decent sized hole. It's an external wall but the outside of the wall has no obvious defects.

    I am wondering could this be what has caused the rad paint to crack etc?

    What is the best course of action. Can or should it just be filled with foam etc?

    The floor boards have become extra creaky also but I think that's just age/increased usage of the room in the last year. Hopefully completely unrelated to the hole but if anything indicates a connection I'd appreciate your opinion. Thanks

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  2. CGN

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    Brick/block work can crack over time. If nothing external, then prob just a draft coming through cavity. Foam it and see how you go
  3. teabreak

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    Looks a bit thin for foam, try decorators mastic which is paintable.
  4. Jennie21

    Jennie21 New Member

    Thank you both for your responses. I think I'll need both then. Foam for the hole and mastic for the crack just above.

    I'm just glad that we don't need a section of wall cutting out and its not a bigger problem since we are selling the house and hope to complete in next couple of weeks.

    I've used a spirit level on the window sill above for extra piece of mind and its level. I was imagining all sorts of worst case scenarios when I found the issue.
  5. dray

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    Take car using foam as can be very messy and you may end up with a bigger problem than you have now. To me that is such a small hole I would simply leave it for the next people when they decorate but if you do need to do something then why not get a tube of Polyfilla type filler and squeeze a bit out on your finger and fill with that. Damp cloth wipe off and never know there had been a hole there.

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