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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by kennyboy, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. kennyboy

    kennyboy New Member

    Hi all
    new to the forum so be patient.
    I am looking to fix some 100mm square wooden posts in this weekend. Posts are 8ft, Im told they have to be in the ground by 2ft...........that bit i understand.

    but what diameter hole should i dig? and should it be round with a square post or square?......probably sounds silly to you guys, but it is my first time.

    The bags of post mix are 20kg bags, and say use one bag per post in a hole....... get this......... dug to the correct dimensions?....... surely the bigger the post, the bigger the hole, therefore the more postcrete required? Im a bit confused, can anyone help please
  2. sooyar

    sooyar New Member

    but what diameter hole should i dig? and should it be round with a square post or square?......

    For fitting square pegs in round holes, devil's advocate or banallsheds will be best qualified to help. Then, after they've bored you ****** you could try the builders forum.

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  3. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    Dig the best hole you can. Start off a spades width square and dig. It will probably end up wider at the top. If you're digging a lot of holes it might be worth hiring a post hole borer. I find you usually need 2 to 3 bags pf post mix per hole, again if you are digging lots of holes it will be cheaper and easier to buy ballast, sand and cement and mix your own. Rule of thumb is 1/3 of post in the ground.
  4. kennyboy

    kennyboy New Member

    thanks guys for the assistance
    I was told that one bag of blue circle postcrete was adequate per post, so someones been telling me lies then.

    so just to confirm

    I did the hole 2ft deep and about a shovels width or so all the way down, the best i can. (i have a lot of stone and old foundations to dig round so a hole digger wont help me, its going to be a pick and shovel and a broken back me thinks)

    I then fill the hole half full of water and start pouring these 20kg bags of post crete in until i fill the hole presumably? After the first hole, I presume i will know how many bags of postcrete i will need yes?
  5. ª¹

    ª¹ New Member

    M advice is to hire a big strong spade to do the work for you.
  6. ª¹

    ª¹ New Member

    Mine, too.
  7. Herr Trigger

    Herr Trigger New Member

    You need old broken bits of concrete and brick in there first, just one layer full. I always go a bit deeper than 2ft, then stand your post in on top of that, dont forget to compact the rubble in with a sledge or summink first. Then you need to make sure it is upright exactly and in line with the fence line. with help or adequate support, hammer a bit more broken up masonary around the post base, then pour in your mix and lob the water in, stand back and light your pipe. ;)
  8. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    Hi sooyar.

    I thought I'd reply with something witty.

    But then I thought why? you didn't.
  9. plastic bertrand

    plastic bertrand Active Member

    You tell 'im DA, he's a rat
  10. ponty01.

    ponty01. New Member

    Hire a manual post hole boring tool for the weekend.
  11. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    Sooyar's a boring tool.
  12. ª¹

    ª¹ New Member

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  13. sooyar

    sooyar New Member

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    That plastic fella must have been on a bender, or is he one. Bertrand!! *** you sound like a right *.
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    Who else was it now? Oh never mind, I can't remember!

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  14. Jim

    Jim Guest

    What a load of ponces with ya post hole borers and post crete, a spade and a load of hardcore, rammed well down round the post, and a bit of hard work is all you need. Using mix alone is no good, one gust of wind and the post will be all over the show, if you must, just cap of the hardcore with it.
  15. kennyboy

    kennyboy New Member

    thanks for the guidance guys.............so do i put water in first or the mix?
  16. Jim

    Jim Guest

    You aint listening boy..................
  17. Jim

    Jim Guest

    And its the SPADE that go`s in first......*

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  18. ª¹

    ª¹ New Member

    "You aint listening boy.................."

    For some odd reason I have you down a a fat get with a maggot-sized hampton.

    I wonder why........
  19. ª¹

    ª¹ New Member

    a a a attishoooo.... better.
  20. Jim

    Jim Guest

    DONT judge everyone by your own standards.....numb nuts.

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