Hollow Blocks in wall

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by jimballaya, Sep 24, 2021.

  1. jimballaya

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    A lot of you intelligent people will know the answer to this , i have a block wall constructed out of hollow blocks with one layer of solid blocks in the middle .The top layer of hollows has concrete filling the bottom layer beneath the solid course are hollow . Do i need to rebuild the wall and fill all hollows or just leave it and assume its structurally sound . Its 2.5m high and 10 m long . The solid course is about halfway .
  2. AnotherTopJob

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    As you say, it would be stronger if all the blocks were filled with concrete, and possibly rebar. Whether it's needed on a wall I'm not sure, although 2.5m does seem quite high. If it's already built, I don't think it's worth rebuilding it unless it begins to show signs of movement.
  3. DaveF

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    You don't need to do anything unless there is a problem or you anticipate a problem. I have known entire houses to be built out of hollow block. It is not in itself a problem. Only if you know something the original builder didn't !!
  4. jimballaya

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    Thanks for the advice i shall leave it untouched , looks quite sound .Apart from some crumbling on the cement block faces at the halfway point which i think can be repaired with epoxy cement

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