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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Markybob, May 9, 2004.

  1. TonkaToy

    TonkaToy New Member

    Just for information, I spent some 10 years as the network manager for a local authority before moving into information security last year. I do know what I'm talking about Al-Yeti. Your post was erroneous and misleading and would have led the poor guy to explore protocols he never needed to know a thing about.

    MrMAN's replies are good and cover the subject well - unfortunately I'm a busy man and don't have time to post extensive replies. More power to you MrMAN :)

    I'd suggest that Markybob checks out the SIS Sandra suite of PC diagnostics - it's pretty good and the modules that you get for free should suffice. However as Markybob points out, the system hangs could be down to a number of possible harware or software problems and before investing in new hardware I'd try a rebuild (remembering to back up data, favourites, etc.) starting with the operating system and media player of choice first, and then adding software until the problem crops up (unless of course, in the perverse way of IT systems a rebuild cures the whole thing....).

    If you want to check memory specs for any system or motherboards then I'd recommend Crucial Memory http://www.crucial.com - their online selector is excellent, and they are cheap as well (remember to select the UK site).

    I'f you end up looking for a replacement MB then you could do a lot worse than look at http://www.overclockers.co.uk - they do both Intel and AMD systems and are cheap and reliable.

    Good luck!
  2. dj.

    dj. New Member


    looks like your the fool!!!
  3. Mr MAN

    Mr MAN New Member

    TonkaToy, cheers for the www.crucial.com post - I've had a look and it's cool, we do learn something new each day eh?

    Al-Yeti, normally I would not go for cyber assassination but in this case I make an exception as I dropped you a hint last time that you seemed to ignore. I was much kinder also to you last time but basically your advice was as about as useful as the advice from an actor in Casulty speaking to the hospital brain surgeon, the phrase “a little knowledge is dangerous” comes to mind here. My suggestion for your continued attempts to make TonkaToy look a bigger fool than you (which based on his last post – you’ve no chance) is very simple. There’s a thread ready made for you – go look in “Plumbers’ Talk” at “Ten Commandments” and have a chat with the boys, if they don’t give you the pleasurable argument you’re seeking you’ll at least get offered the opportunity of a face to face fight with a bouncer.

    Dj, So right!!!!

    Anyway – Markybob, no posts so what’s happened then, pressure too much and thrown your PC out of the window then??

    Right then back to fixing servers which is so much fun!!!!

  4. Markybob

    Markybob New Member

    Hi Mr MAN

    I'm still getting my head around the fact that this machine has taken a good week or two to get up a running how I like with all things loaded etc., now to find it's as volatile as semtex on a boiler is disconcerning, there are obvious (now, thank you) issues with the hardware that need adressing, on is a BIOS update that may cure all, I will wait for Aria to return my other board/CPU/memory stick, build that then re-address this one. I think that is the way to go.... unless it get's the better of me before that and I will go for it!!! will read procedure a few more times first

    Thanks for your very professional help

  5. Mr MAN

    Mr MAN New Member

    BIOS updates normally sound a lot worse than they are - just create the disk and run it as per the instructions which also are normally quite simple.

    Would recommend you take a note of the old BIOS level, download that version also and just do the deed - the mobo spec that I read said that you can downgrade, re-apply or upgrade to new versions safely so it should not be a problem.
    Personally I would test on the motherboard you have anyway if you intend to return it - if it does go horribly wrong then downgrade it back to the level you have at the moment and you should be ok. On the otherhand if you stuff the board completely (which is unlikely) then you'll know not to do it to the other board when it's returned to you. As an alternative, if it fixes the problem then you're home and dry when you get the other kit back as you've had a practice run.

    As always the choice is yours - please don't read this as me pressuring you, I'm just letting you know what I would do.

  6. Markybob

    Markybob New Member

    Mr MAN, I am trying to upload a very simple web site the domain is set up, log on name and password are correct but I get an error message stating "this operation requires author permission for activedesign.org.uk:80"

    don't know why the 80 is there, me thinks it's a win2000 thing, maybe an authority somewhwere?

    Go on..... tell me, I just know you can :)
  7. Mr MAN

    Mr MAN New Member

    Hmmm - not a specialist subject but I have played a bit with this stuff - these links will probably help you:

    Somebody wrote a fairly good description of the permissions available - nice person that:


    A similar problem - perhaps worth dropping a question there:-


    Anyway - A SOURCE Of information for you assuming you are using FrontPage : http://www.frontpagewebmaster.com
    Loads of others on the web - just do a search and you'll find bags of them!!

    Also msnews.microsoft.com and join the news group is a good source.

    My thoughts - probably your host has can do something to reset the permissions for you so that you get author rights back. The other this is that if you are using FrontPage say v2000 now but were previously using v98 then the FrontPage extensions required on the server might not be up to date - again the host will help with that one.
    If you can do when you speak to your host, get to an administrator guru and not a help desk person and you'll probably get much better help from the guru. Once you've got his name - keep it and pray he never leaves!!!!

  8. Mr MAN

    Mr MAN New Member


    One of those pub moments you know, you asked what the :80 was - that is the local tcpip port you will communicate with your web provider over, perhaps NIS has blocked this - take a look and make sure it's unblocked and it might solve your problems.

    Mr Man......
  9. Al-Yeti

    Al-Yeti New Member

    lol loser
  10. Mr MAN

    Mr MAN New Member


    You do make me laugh!!

    I'll class that as 2 words then, I'm thinking that if you manage perhaps 3 or even 4 we might even strike a dialog??!!??

  11. plumface

    plumface New Member

    <u>Mr MAN</u>,nice to see someone who knows what they are talking about telling the 1 or 2 word "clique" and know it alls,"i've been here longer than you(aka ss) what they can do with with there "expertise!
  12. Al-Yeti

    Al-Yeti New Member

    er ok crackheads! :)
  13. dj.

    dj. New Member

    al yeti

    you are doing well, learning new words all the time, one day you may even get to a whole sentence!! tossor.
  14. Mr MAN

    Mr MAN New Member

    Al-y - I know I sugested 3/4 words but now you're takin the p.......

    er - word #1 (not really)
    ok - word #2 (not really)
    crackheads - word #3 or is it #3 and #4 I ask (pants)

    The post slaggin off a previous post about a week or so ago had much more content and is the only post I seen from you with even a bit of meaningful content (even though it was just so wrong!!).

    come on - string a good sentance togther (at least once in your pointless existance) eh????


  15. Mr MAN

    Mr MAN New Member


    I keep looking at this just incase you've any news - what's going on then - all sorted now?

    Mr Man...
  16. Markybob

    Markybob New Member

    Still on my list of things to do!! Have now resolved issues with aria so I should have some nice bits to play with soon, that should put me in the mood again.

    Thanks for your concern, will update this thraed when I get back on it

  17. Markybob

    Markybob New Member

    I'm kinda toying with the idea of getting a new case, drive, graphics card and building a complete new system, maybe swap to it the resolve issues on this POS, much involved or steer well clear??
  18. Mr MAN

    Mr MAN New Member

    Cheers MarkyBob,

    I hope to see good posts soon then!!

    Mr Man....
  19. Mr MAN

    Mr MAN New Member

    Just seen your last,

    Only thing to be aware of here is that you are spending more cash to get rid of a problem that could go away anyway - do you really need to inject this finance is the question and if you do will you get the payback? Only you can answer these questions.....

    I've had a P3 800mhz Dell for about 2 years and I develop vb6 apps and .net apps on that but however it's not really suitable for gaming (I don't care because I don't do that!!)....

    Remember - you bought a load of stuff last time and you didn't expect these problems - will you get these issues next time is the question? I can't answer this. Like buying a 2nd hand car - who knows what will happen?

    Mr Man....
  20. Markybob

    Markybob New Member

    PS, England have my full support and I will be in my local giving three very load cheers and maybe one drone. But, and theres always a but, hope you don't hold it against me..... the prancing horse thing, nice motor but I do not like the german. Senna was my man and Mansell had some great drives, most impressive in qualifying at silverstone...awesome. Today I have great respect for......... well I don't know really, probably Montoya

    Cheers, mark

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