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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by The Ex-Kitchen Fitter, May 3, 2010.

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    ex kit fit cmon u can do better

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    In theory they should work but heard of a few people who have found they will only work with one ring main and where separate ring is used for upper and lower floor they fail.
    Wireless has improved so much can't see point any more.
  3. What has the price got to do with it - I'm interested in the principal.

    The problem I have is my house is built with stone with a high iron content with degrades the signal from wireless routers.

    I am about 10' from my router now and the signal is degraded by approx 60%.

    Ultimately I know I'm going to have to cable my house but in the mean time I'm looking for a quick fix.
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    The reviews look generally favorable KF.
  5. Thanks, JP - up early or late going to bed :O

    I've found concerns over security but it seems resolved by using WPA protocols.

    I assume that the whole house is covered through the continuity of earth and neutral in the CU?
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    I believe the initial ones did have issues going across 2 rings, but newer versions do not have this problem.

    If you could go wirless and you have a laptop, ipod etc then that is the way to go. If you are currently using a G class router, try getting an N Class version, they have much better coverage. I used to have 2 wirless routers to cover the house, when I changed to N class I get a good signal without the second one fitted.

    Obviously a second router is also a possibility for you, just run a cat 5 cable between the current one and the new one and set it up as an access point.

    Ensure you use WPA2 security on wirless, WEP is useless, it just stops the guy next door piggy backing your signal, it would not stop someone who knows what they are doing getting access to your network.
  7. Thanks Craig.

    Just checked my router is using WPA2.

    really a novice when it comes to networking so if I ask daft Q's you'll understand why ;)

    I have the BT home hub 2 - how can I tell whether it's a G or N class?

    I would love to use wireless through out but my walls are just too thick and readily block the wireless signal.

    I tried moving the router to a central position in the house but not much success.

    Is Cat5 cable weather proof - it would be better to run cables outside - my other half wouldn't appreciate me disturbing all the newly paited walls and newish carpets :(
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    Hi, got these for my daughter to use in rented accommodation at Uni. same thing wireless wouldnt work. these were great one plug in router other plug network cable to computor all good. 2 years no probs. hope this helps.
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    No problem
    Just had a quick look, BT hub2 is N class, so looks like thats not going to solve the problems.
    You can get exterior grade cat 5 cables, but it's not going to be cheap, if you are getting reviews for the power units, if they work, could be a quicker & simpler solution for you.

    Your other option is something like this

    If you can get a signal at all, it works as a wireless extender, or for all you xbox guys, lets you connect your xbox to the router without paying £50 for the microsoft wireless connector!
  10. Craig,

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    Forgive my ignorance - I place one of the extenders upstairs where it makes a wireless connection to my existing BT router and then use the extender wireless or cabled as I need?

    Sounds very simple - probably just right for my level of knowledge. Better still I'll get my 10 year old to install it:)
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    in extender mode it will pick up your wireless signal and boost it, the one I listed also has 4 RJ45 connections, so you could hard wire from there as well if you wanted to.

    There is a bit of setup needed as you have to link up your BT router, so that the new one can pass the signal through it.

    ... forget it...
    Home hub 2 does not have WDS for some reason


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