Honeywell 3-Port Mid position Valve

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  1. Studentrooms

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    I need to change a Honeywell , 3 port, Mid positon heating valve,

    not sure if it's a 5 wire or if they also do 4 or 3 wire types....

    simply want to get both and fit the one required when I get there....

    but can't find reference to anything other than 5 wire types...

    so starting to think they are all 5 wires.....

    sound right ?
  2. I think, almost certainly, a Honeywell 3-port valve will be a 5-wire jobbie.

    Can you ask the owners to look at the model number on the valve case - is it V4073A?

    Are you a 'pro' or a DIYer? If the latter, a good tip is - once you've fully isolated the power - to snip the 5 old wires a couple of inches from the wiring centre so's you can still ID them, and then replace them one at a time - grey for grey, white for white etc...
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  3. Dr Bodgit

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    My valve is a Honeywell 3-port V4073A jobbie...with 5 wires. Took me ages to spot one of the wires though as it was obscured in the enclosure.
  4. The V4073A is def 5 wire (one's an earth).
  5. Dr Bodgit

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    Valve wiring configuration is:
    White = Heating on
    Blue = Neutral
    Grey = Hot water off
    Green/Yellow = Earth
    Orange = Boiler and pump live

    So you need 5 wires in order to independently switch CH and HW, together with a live (to boiler), neutral and earth. A 4 wire 3-port valve would make no sense.
  6. leesparkykent

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    The three wire (brown,blue green/yellow) 3port diverter valve part number is V4044. Commonly used on priority hot water systems in places with high hot water demand. Sometimes referred to as a W-plan.
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