Honeywell ST699 replacement with wireless options

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by yorkyguy, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. yorkyguy

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    Happy new year!

    Obvious really. This is currently controlling a Honeywell S plan system - CH and DHW (and has done for ages) with absolutely no probs on a Worcester system oil boiler. What is the simplest and cheapest way to move into the 21st centry? I have a Vokera BeSMART Wi-Fi on a gas combi in another location which works fine BUT only on CH. Any thoughts? Also my mate has the same Honeywell 699 programmer on a gas system and needs the same remote controllability as the programmer is in an inaccessible place. Thanks :)
  2. leesparkykent

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    Take programmer and back plate off, ignore the links between L, 5 and 8 as you won't need them on new programmer. Connect L and N, 6 on old connects to 3 on new back plate, 3 on old connects to 4 on new back plate.

    Go in to wiring centre and disconnect the room thermostat cable. The thermostat cable will be between terminal 4 on new programmer and brown of CH two port valve, connect brown of the CH valve directly to terminal 4 so it excludes the now redundant thermostat cable.

    Plug gateway in to router, power up, down load app, complete registration...job done.

    You now have smart controls for heating and hot water.
  3. yorkyguy

    yorkyguy Active Member

    Cheers for this,

    I'll go and have a look!

    Happy new year and have a good one :confused:
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  4. yorkyguy

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    Hi there LSK,

    Had a look at my wiring centre and the wiring for the two port ch valve doesn't appear to have a brown wire - it looks black! So do I trace the room stat cable back to terminal 4 on the back plate? Does anyone actually supply a wiring
    diag, as this upgrade must be fairly common!
  5. kiaora

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    A two port valve normally has, Earth, grey permanent live, Brown to actuate the valve, and orange switch to Boiler,
    And neutral of course,

    Brown powers the valve open, when open a microswitch connects grey and orange

  6. leesparkykent

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    Got a pic?
  7. yorkyguy

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    Hi LSK,
    Am I being a bit thick here? :confused: What cabling is attached to pins 1 and 2 on the new back plate? Presumably this is DHW ? I'll go take a pic The two cables entering from the RHS are room stat wires - obviously no three core available so a pair of 1.0mm T and Es were used. Top cable is cylinder stat, LHS cables are to programmer and mains supply

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  8. leesparkykent

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    1 and 2 are not used as they are for CH off and HW off.
  9. yorkyguy

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    Thanks for this - I got one - apparently Drayton are pushing their new 'Wiser' multichannel but all I needed was a two channel control - DHW and CH - and Genie is at a killer price and its in and working - excellent!:D


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