Honeywell T6360 issues

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by zedhead, Apr 12, 2018.

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    Now, I'm assuming that this is an issue with the thermostat, as the central heating is not working but the boiler is still providing hot water with no problem.
    However, the central heating is not switching on, as if the thermostat is reading a very hot temperature. I've searched all over for ways of testing (ie with a multimeter) but found nothing, except for suggests to just buy a new thermostat. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. A bit more info, Zed.

    What type of system do you have - Y or S plan (a single 3-port valve or 2 two-porters)?

    Locate this valve (or the CH one if there's two) and monitor it when someone else turns the room stat up and down (with the timer 'on' for CH).

    What happens? Anything?

    The room stat - where does it 'click' when you turn it up and down, is it at 'room' temperature?

    These room stats don't often fail, so chances are it's a sticky/failed 3-port valve. You can by-pass the room stat with a wee wire link, but not sure if folk should be doing this unless they know exactly what they are doing.

    Anyhoo, report back with the above, please.
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    I'm away from home at the mo, but it's a two circuit system, one for CH one for hot water, and I've tried checking the CH valve by turning the system on and off via the timer (ie not the 'stat) when the thermostat is on the 'cold' side of the 'click'.
    It seems to click at a point on the dial where it should, given the ambient temp...
  4. When you say '2 circuit', do you mean there are two valves, one for CH and one for DHW?

    If so, that should be easier to check; if you move the manual lever on the CH valve until the valve opens, you should hear a 'click' from inside the valve and the boiler and pump should come on (the valve has its own power supply, and should by-pass the timer and room stat).

    Anyhoo, when you get back home, please try that and also monitor the valve with the timer 'on' and the room stat turned UP beyond the click.
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    Something of a bizarre situation this - after I'd opened the 'stat to check for loose wires and blow out any dust & ****, I straightened out the cables (I'd neglected to mention that it'd been removed from a wall that I'd knocked out for a new door) and hung it neatly in the corner. The following morning, just before I got up, I heard was sounded like the boiler kicking in, and then the unmistakable ping-ping-ping of radiators warming up! Yay, it's healed itself!...
    I'm guessing that there's a mercury type switch in the 'stat, and not a bi-metallic one, so it needed to be upright and stable?...
  6. It'll be bimetallic (or microswitch, but bimetallic operated), so chances are it was a loose connection.

    If you upgrade, consider making it a Prog Stat.
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