Horizontal flue for jaguar combi bolier

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by xhypothesis, May 5, 2005.

  1. xhypothesis

    xhypothesis New Member

    I am have a bit of a problem trying to find info on flue size and type for the "Jaguar 23KW combination boiler ". i have made some searches and calls to various companies but all tell me its been discontinued
    But one chap told me it was a re-badged Gloworm and quite possible that
    there models of horizontal Flues may fit?
    I have seen of the shelf type flues being sold for various models
    but unsure if they would fit
    Has anyone any info on this problem and possible name for the Gloworm
    Model its suppose to be under its re-badged name
    or anyone have the part number etc
    Thanks in advance
  2. saint dave

    saint dave New Member

    They go under the name of protherm. Try Plumb Centre that has a parts Center, they are one of the main distributors of these boilers
  3. mrj

    mrj New Member

    The Jaguar boiler was Plumb Centers own boiler if you like,
    It is a glow Worm / Saunier Duval, many parts are interchangeable.
  4. xhypothesis

    xhypothesis New Member

    Thanks for the info i will try for gloworm flue
    ill let u know how i got on

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