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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by Lloydyboy23, Apr 13, 2020.

  1. Lloydyboy23

    Lloydyboy23 New Member

    Hi folks!

    Forum newbie here, be gentle (or not, I can take it).

    Got a question about adhesive method and whether to grout or silicone..

    I've boxed in around a corner bath, attached Aquapanel on to boxing with silicone and screws so that it is flush with the bath top, with a slight incline towards the bath.. All good so far (or not, feel free to interject / mock ;)..

    I intend to put rainbow sandstone edgers with bullnose around the bath so that they overlap the join between bath and Aquapanel as shown in the photo below.. All good so far??!

    Assuming yes, I'm torn as to how to attach the tiles to the Aquapanel, and how to treat the joins.

    My natural inclination would be to use tile adhesive.. I have a bag of Ultra Tile Proflex S2 with the fibre reinforcements (The green bag) left over from when I did the underfloor heating.

    However my plumber says "just attach the tiles with silicone, and silicone the joints".. does this sound mental?!

    I like this idea of it having ultimate flexibility and water proof qualities, but I thought I'd put it to you fine professionals for peace of mind.

    If the consensus is to stick with the tile adhesive, would you recommend silicone or grout between the joins of each tile?

    I'm thinking silicone again for water proof peace of mind and superior resistance against heat expansion/contraction but again would prefer confirmation from you pro's.

    Obviously I'd silicone under the bullnose to seal it to the bath at the end.

    Thank you for any reply folks!

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  2. FlyByNight

    FlyByNight Screwfix Select

    I have used some of the reconstituted stone in my bathroom and the advice from the supplier was to use a good quality grab adhesive - Stixall, sticks_like_shit, or similar and that provides the waterproof seal. However, in your case, there will be grout lines between tiles and I would certainly not want to see silicon in there - I would use a good quality Ardex tile grout in a suitable colour.
  3. Lloydyboy23

    Lloydyboy23 New Member

    Thanks for your reply and for taking the time to help, much appreciated ;)

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