Hose won't connect to outdoor tap!

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  1. Please could someone help me connect my new hose to my outdoor tap before I go crazy?!
    The hose is a Hozelock with the normal quick connector and standard 3/4" connector which can also be adapted to 1/2".
    My tap says it is 3/4" BSP on the side but neither of the connectors fit! The tap measures 30mm which doesn't seem to be a standard size. The tap also has a hose union on it but this is far too big to connect to the hose.

    I have bought 2 different connectors (1" and another 3/4") but the 1" is too big to attach to the tap and the 3/4" is too small. I have also bought a new 3/4" hose union but this is too small to attach to the pipe and also too small to attach to the hose!

    I bought Hozelock Pro adaptors online which were really expensive so I don't want to waste any more money and I have no idea what to buy next!

    I was thinking of getting this but it says upto 30mm so might be too small since my tap is 30mm https://www.electricalworld.com/Mob...Male-20-30mm-Smooth-Tap-Adapter/m-m-3359.aspx
    I'll attach photos of what I have tried so far...please let me know what I need! I really don't want to be messing about with buying and fitting a new tap, I'm a mum with 2 young children and just want to get this sorted so I can easily fill the paddling pool!!

    Please see photos here...
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  2. WillyEckerslike

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    It looks like a ¾BSP tap. The plastic fitting on the floor in your last picture should fit - take the white reducer out first. The brass items in your last two pictures are hose tails for direct connection into a hose secured with a jubilee clip.
  3. Thanks for your reply...that plastic one is the one that came with the hose but it doesn't fit, even if I take the white reducer out. It is exactly the same size as the tap so doesn't screw on. It looks the same as the 6th picture (same connector, just the one photographed is metal).

    Thanks for letting me know about the hose unions, I thought they were designed for quick release, not jubilee clips so I won't buy any more of those!
  4. Wow! How unlucky are you?!

    It is almost certainly - usually - as Willy says, but I fear you ave already tried this using that 'chrome' tap connector which is surely the exact same size as the orange plastic one Will is referring to?

    Try what Willy says first - as he says, in your last photo you can see a tap connector on the ground - it's orange with a white plastic reducing insert. Take that out.

    If the orange fitting does not go on your tap end, then you must have a really unusual tap...

    There is 3/4 BSP stamped on the side of the tap itself - I wonder if that refers to the feed pipe connection end and not the screwed tap end? If so, that could make it an old tap so perhaps the screwed end fitting is something unusual - somewhere between 3/4" and 1" BSP?

    Do you have a plumber's merchants near by? If so, visit them and explain what you have - an outdoor tap stamped 3/4" BSP but with a threaded end that WON'T take a 3/4" Hoselock tap connector or a 1" one!
  5. Try once more with both the 3/4" chrome fitting and the orange one (with inserts removed). Are you SURE they won't go on - they look close...
  6. Hi, thank you for your reply. Well at least I'm not the only one that thinks I have a weird tap! Please see my reply to Willy above - the plastic adapter is the original one that came with the hose, when it didn't fit (without the reducer) I thought I'd buy another 3/4" one since the tap definitely says 3/4" on it but as you know that didn't fit either so I went up a size but that was too big. So like you've said it seems to be an in-between size. Yes, I've got a tools specialist shop near by I can take the parts to, thanks for the suggestion. I think I've spend as much on adapters as I have on the hose since I stupidly bought metal ones thinking they'd be better quality!
  7. I've tried sooo many times, especially when I first got the hose I kept trying at different times of the day as I thought I must be doing something wrong but my husband has tried as well and can't understand it either!
  8. On the 3/4" metal adapter packaging it says it fits 25.5mm taps but mine is 30mm...
  9. fostyrob

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    In your top left picture of your gallery with the hozelok pro over the tap threads- is that threaded on or is it slid over the the tap? If it is slightly loose you could try a good few turns of PTFE tape to get it snug and non-leaking (obviously not if it just slides over).

    Alternative is to replace the tap for minimal outlay and will fit what you have bought already- you say you have a connector that will fit 1/2" didn't you?
  10. How accurately can you actually measure that threaded tap end diameter? Do you have anything more accurate than a tape measure? (A way of doing this is to tape a couple of straight things - lollypop sticks... - to the sides of the threaded part so's they protrude downwards on opposite sides (or get hubby to hold them in place!). Then place your tape measure in between them. I usually set one end at the 100mm mark of the tap to ensure the end piece isn't giving a misleading reading - and then measure up - see if it's closer to 126mm...

    Yes, 3/4" BSP translates to 26.5mm diameter.
  11. Yes it just slides right over, completely lose.

    I'm just nervous about fitting a new tap myself, apart from never doing anything like that before, I'm worried that the connecting pipe would be the wrong size for a standard pipe since the existing tap is a weird size and I'll end up with nothing!
  12. Thanks, I can give it a go once I don't have a baby sleeping on me!
  13. If the 3/4" tap adaptor REALLY doesn't fit - if the threaded end is REALLY around 30mm diameter - so clearly neither 3/4" BSP (26.5mm) or 1" BSP (33mm) - then it looks as tho' the best solution would be to replace the tap.

    In which case the water-fixing end would need to be 3/4" BSP to screw on to that wall plate!

    This is very doable, Christine. You'll see that the whole tap body is screwed on to that wall-mounted plate, and can be uncscrewed (tho' it could be tight, so support the wall plate). Use a spanner on the tap - there's are 'flats' on there for this.

    Then replace with a 'proper' 3/4" BSP tap - 3/4" BSP BOTH ends!

    Or go lever type - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-2-3-4-...m=222507689431&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  14. I
    I've added another photo to the album to show how lose it is (that's the one I meant to upload in the first place as the other one just looks like it's properly screwed on!)
  15. You know what? Almost certainly - sorry... - the tap is the correct size. Why won't the adaptor go on? Possible because the threaded part of the tap end is damaged or even knocked slightly 'oval'.

    I cannot think of any other size that threaded end can be. It def ain't 1" BSP, it def ain't 1/2" BSP; it 'has' to be 3/4" BSP.

    The adaptor will be a close fit, and it could even look 'wrong' until it actually starts to go on. Get on yer knees, woman, and tackle that fitting at close quarters :). Make sure it's 'square'-on - not cross-threaded.

    If it REALLY has no chance of going on, then please try and take a couple of accurate diameter measurements as I suggested before - at 90o to each other so as to highlight if the end is 'oval'.
  16. I think it might have to come to this

    The hose union (that came with the tap) screws on to the tap no problem so I'm pretty sure I'm not just doing it wrong! When I put the 3/4" adapter up to the tap it is exactly the same size as the tap so just no way to screw it on.
  17. Yes, the 1" fitting has no chance of staying on.
  18. Do you have a picture of this hose union? EDIT: Ah, I can see it on the ground in the 2nd-last photo. It's a brass collar?

    If you take that brass collar to a plumber's merchants, they should be able to confirm what size it is.

    As a stop-gap, that hose fitting has the spigot with the serrations - if you disconnect your hose end from the Hozelock fitting, you should be able to push your hose on to this spigot (but make sure you've slipped the brass collar on the hose first!). Then do it up to the tap.

    However, you will almost certainly also need a 'Jubilee' clip to secure the hose in place, or it'll 'blow' off.And it's not an ideal solution anyway as it's not as convenient to swap round.

    (You can post pics directly on here but they need to be below 2MP)
  19. DIYDave.

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    As above, may actually be time to fit a new tap, easy job really and any advice you or ur man may need is available here :)

    As link posted, super cheap and fit yourself = no labour ££

    As long as thread will fit onto wall plate though :eek: , as seems you may have an oddity

    Anyway, buy new tap, see if fits, if it doesn’t, either return it or at this stage, you may need to get a plumber / handy person in

    If it screws on great, as long as isolating water to tap is straightforward (hopefully you can isolate locally to tap?) really is a ten min job

    Hardest part is getting the tap to fully tighten in upright position. They always seem to tighten slightly wonky

    This is where the handy PTFE comes in, loads and loads and loads of it :)

    I just replaced my hose connections with the Hozelock range as old ones were leaking. Most have a price reduction at moment from SF. Metal tap connector is awesome and just a £5 at moment (hope you didn’t pay over the odds) ?

    Really bad luck for you as details for the metal tap connector even says ‘fits 99% of taps’

    Trust you to have that tiny 1% tap fitted :(

    Good luck
  20. See the white plastic reducing insert? The outside thread of that will also be 3/4" BSP. See if that screws on in your brass 'collar', and how snugly.

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