Hose won't connect to outdoor tap!

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Christine Lang, May 23, 2018.

  1. I've now spent £30 on hose connectors :(
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    Not you Christine, it's the others I'm laughing at.
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  4. We do all the work - and then KIAB ambles along with the answer. The story of my forum life... :oops:
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  6. Hi! The adaptor arrived this morning and fits but it's shallow and only screws half way up the tap and when I turn it on with the hose connected it leaks!! Would plumbers tape help? Have IIscrewed it on wrong?? I've added a new photo to my album so you can see the leak... https://photos.app.goo.gl/utP1yitVp0bAqrxy2
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    Give the treads on the tap, a light brush a stiff nail brush, might be enough, threads might be clogged, you might find a light wiping of oil on threads will help without the brushing.
    Also inside adaptor is a flat rubber washer is it fully seated flat, adaptor should fully screw on.

    Haven't been able to view your photo's until today, pc gremlins, the 3/4" relate to the backplate thread size, not the threads on tap where connector fits, & I somehow missed your thread.:oops:
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  8. Have just tried that but it hasn't helped :( The hose union screws on fully so I know the thread isn't clogged. The adaptor has fewer threads than the hose union so I think that's the problem. :(
  9. The washer is also flat inside
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    There enough threads on adaptor to ensure a pefect seal & no leaks on tap.

    Which photo is showing latest adaptor.:oops:
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    The adapter having fewer threads is the correct way round and should mean that the washer sits against the tap outlet properly when tight. Imagine if it were reversed, the adapter would be tight before the washer and tap had met. Does that make sense?

    Edit: KIAB can type quicker than me.
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  12. Yes, makes sense. I'll just have to keep trying then, maybe I'm threading it on wrong but I've already tried so many times this morning!
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    Outside tap here is a real swine to get adaptor to fully screw on & not leak, & I have misthreaded it a few times.
  14. Well that gives me hope! I just don't understand why I can get the hose union on ok but not the adaptor!
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    Which adaptor, brass plastic, inside thread ok.

    If brass should be able tighten adaptor with a pair of slipjointa.
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  16. The new 7/8 brass one. Husband has just tried too. It is fine when you turn the tap on, no leaks but when you attach the hose with the quick release it forces water up out of the top of the adaptor, squirting all around. Think we might have to give up on the dream of having garden hose!
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    Do you have an auto stop connector on the other end of the hose?
  18. We also tried tightening it with a spanner but didn't help.
  19. I'm not sure what that is but I had the hose open so water wouldn't back up

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